Pennsylvania Video Poker: How to Play This Game


Back in the year 1979, William SI Redd found himself doing two jobs. During the day, Redd distributed arcade machines and jukeboxes to Bally Manufacturing in Reno, Nevada. At night, he was a gaming floor supervisor at his Oasis casino.

After thinking of how to blend the two passions, SI Redds developed SI Redd’s Coin Operated Machine (SIRCOMA) Company. One of SIRCOMA Company innovations was a machine outfitted with a tiny TV screen to allow gamblers to play five-card draw poker games without the need for a table, cards, or a dealer. Casinos loved this innovation because it reduced overhead expenses. Unfortunately, players did not accept it, and Redd had to make a few tweaks.

Initially, players had to hold Better or two pairs of Jacks to collect the pay-out. The threshold was difficult, something that prompted Redd to reduce the minimum hand to a single pair of jacks. That is how the Better Video Poker or Jacks Video Poker came into being, and the rest was history. Video poker became one of the most popular casino games in the 1980s, and it attracted both the gamblers and skill players.

With technology advancements, this game is not available online, thus making it easily accessible to more players.

What Is Video Poker?

Unlike real poker, this game is nearly identical to the Five Card Draw (another variant of poker), something that makes it very popular. The only difference between video poker games and the Five Card Draw game is that the video poker versions have no pot.

Instead, players wager on each hand. After winning, they are paid according to the paytable and the hand value. This casino game is a five-card draw single-player game, which is very fast and entertaining. This could be the main reason most players are opting for the online version.

Pennsylvania video poker, particularly the online version, comes with many variants. Most casinos will list several of them, with slight changes to the original rules or bonuses. Deuces Wild stands as the most played variant. Other variants include Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Faces and Aces.

Playing Video Poker

The Pennsylvania video poker gaming machine will deal five cards on your screen. After that, you can draw five new cards – mostly; you will not need to draw any additional cards. Push the “Hold” button to choose the cards you would want to keep. After making your choice, press the “Deal” button. The machine will discard the other cards and replace them with new ones.

The outcome of your final hand after pressing the draw button will determine the win or loss. Check the paytable to know your returns. In a land-based Pennsylvania video poker game, the paytable should be posted on the front side of the machine.

Real Money Video Poker vs. Free to Play Video Poker

Both free to play and real money video poker games offer many benefits. When playing online, it is always good you start with the free version as this allows you to practise. It is also the best way to determine if the game meets your needs before. Here are the benefits of each type.

Free to play video poker

  • Play as many games as you want
  • Play the games at any time
  • There are no worries of losing your money
  • Uses same software used for real money games

Real money video poker

  • Enjoy the thrill that comes with playing for real money
  • You will win money along the way
  • Play online video poker at any time

Where to Play Video Poker

You should not make the mistake of settling for any Pennsylvania video poker that you come across. You need a provider that you can fully trust and rely on. Parx Casino is among the leading video poker providers. It offers many variants of this game to help you draw in many unique ways. Some of the options to expect include Double Bonus Poker, Poker Bet, Triple Play Draw Poker, and Deuces Wild. The site is safe, secure, and licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.


Pennsylvania video poker is not only fun, but also, the game requires minimal skills. It is super easy to learn, and if you follow the rules, you can trust that you will have the best gaming experience and make the most out of the game.

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