Numerology: All You Need To Know About Your Numbers


What do you understand by Numerology? Actually, it’s the science of discovering the influence of numbers and how they have an effect on our lives. Here, it is believed that there is spiritual bond amid the planets, numbers, and alphabets. More to the point, these three release Vibrations and assist in drawing pseudo-scientific inferences from words, names and ideas. If truth to be told, it is not an accurate science but is based on valid methods and relational understanding that come from the data accessible in the scriptures regarding the planetary bodies.

Those who are into the practice of numerology are known as Numerologists. With this practice you can analyze nearly everything in your life, be it human activities, fate, personality, brainpower, sexuality, spirituality and so on.

There is no doubt in that all numbers come with a related planetary divinity allied with it. Here, such divinities may work in concord in order to create amity or contentment or oppose each other to create disagreement and distress.

As per the Numerology experts, we all in general have 3 numbers that are the most applicable:

Psychic Number: For your knowledge, psychic number talks all about what you in reality feel like to be and what describes your basic personality. One can settle on it by considering your date of birth.

Destiny Number: It is said that this number demonstrates how the world sees and thinks about you on the basis of the vibration patterns of your past life. In addition to this, a numerologist gets it after adding up the date, year and month of your birth.

Name Number: The third and last one is number name that indicates your bond with other people. Moreover, there can be more than one name number of a person in case they are called with different names.

Now, here you will get to know the common qualities of a human being related to planetary divinity. Have a short glimpse:

  • Number 1: People with this number belong to Sun Planet. And their common qualities take in: tough personality, prefer to stay in control, reliable, freedom loving, brilliant, good brainpower, like to have luxuries & comforts in life.
  • Number 2: This number has a Moon Planet. And these people are in general peace loving, kind, helpful, emotional, fluctuating, and smart as well.
  • Number 3: Number three goes to Jupiter. Folks of this planet are of good health, lively, and strong. What is more, they also have some goals in life, and are well-educated, spiritual, and disciplined.
  • Number 4: It is a Uranus and so shows the rebellious and aggressive quality of a person. Number 4 people are also moody, and unpredictable. They have many secrets in life.
  • Number 5: Number FIVE is Mercury. People with this number are immature, flexible, progressive, rational, humorous, insightful, and bright as well.
  • Number 6: If you are number 6, it means your planet is Venus and you are a creative person with great artistic quality. You also love romance, stay organized.
  • Number 7: This is Neptune planet and these people are usually hesitant, disruptive, social, creative, and sacred. Their other qualities include nature-loving, intuitive, and mystical.
  • Number 8: This number is Saturn and those who belong to it are of a little strange quality. Where these people are caring, they are sometime harmful as well. Moreover, they are also a shy person and extremely attentive, and wise. They like to be protective as well.
  • Number 9: Mars is number nine. These people have ego problem and are short tempered. They are very much aggressive and rough. As they are always ready to fight, they prove to be tough leaders but are soft from inside.

Well, life is not only about sum of numbers; there are a lot of other aspects that influence this.  So, you should always be attentive about the use and significance of numerology. But don’t ever hinge on it for superstition.

As if that wasn’t enough you can also learn how to calculate your Soul Urge Number, which is the most spiritual and insightful of them all.

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