Luna Effects Moon Lamps – The Perfect Gift



For those who find it hard to look at the sky, the Lunar Effects lamp brings our satellite home.

The moon symbolically drags a world of stories and even talks about the lunar effect on human behavior, but the reality is that we like the moon in all its phases, we like to see it and dream. Within the lighting landscape we have seen almost everything, although that of Lunar Effects may seem in principle everything except a lamp. And it is a small moon that we can have on the table at home.

Lunar Effects, its own name already indicates what we are facing, is a curious lamp manufactured in Australia with the shape of a moon that stands out, along with its appearance, for floating suspended in the air on a wooden base and offering different shades of light to adjust them to each environment.

Like our beautiful moon, Lunar Effects brings us a useful and perfect lamp for all kinds of scenarios. It is the ideal complement to create the ideal romantic atmosphere for an unforgettable evening. It is the ideal decorative light for any room. Ideal for the children’s room, setting with a soft and companion light. Without a doubt, it is an exquisite decorative lamp for your living room or office that will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is a lamp manufactured in Australia with high quality PVC plastic, harmless, odorless and anti-pollution that offers the appearance of a moon, more precisely a picture traced to that of our beloved satellite. The innovative 3D printing technology allows you to faithfully reproduce the real appearance of the moon. A work inspired by the phases of the moon, although it pretends to be topographically accurate to the relief of it has its own artistic interpretation.

Although the size of the Moon, in fact, has a diameter of 3,476 kilometers and is about a quarter of the size of the Earth, only in this case, the size has been reduced a little to enjoy it. There are multiple options to decorate the home combining with different sizes. The full moon lamp can be purchased in many sizes to fit perfectly with your perfect decoration and can cause that pleasant and relaxing effect in your home. The lamp has four different sizes with their different prices with names known for the Galilean moons, which are Jupiter, Lo, Callisto and Ganymede.

With a certainly striking design, this lamp stands out for levitating on the wooden base. Without cables or connections of any kind, only when it is necessary to charge it and can be connected via a USB cable. It can be used as a bedside table lamp, children’s night light, night light, decoration for the bedroom, house, living room or parties and is an excellent gift for Birthdays, New Year and Anniversary.

Each of the different sizes of the lamps inside houses a rechargeable battery of 300 mAh which will be the one that offers light to the lamp. It is a lamp that has a lighting system inside that generates light to the user’s liking, a light that on the other hand the user can change the tone and intensity thanks to a touch control system located at the base. The lighting color (cold white, warm white, warm yellow) that perfectly adapt to different moods, rooms or special moments, is controlled in a tactile way allowing you to easily adjust the color of the Lunar Effects lamp. In the lower area of ​​the sphere, where the luminaire mechanism is housed, we find an equally tactile control, to turn it off or on or start charging the battery that when connected via USB will turn on a blue light. It is perfect as a lamp for the night and very practical not to waste time looking for the cable or the switch. It is designed so that young children can turn the moon lamp on and off without problems thanks to its simple touch mechanism.

Design lamps for the home tend to be very expensive when it comes to portable lamps or wireless lamps. An important point is that you can charge it with a USB cable (included) and enjoy the most exotic lunar lighting for hours without wires. This is very functional when you wake up at midnight to go to drink water or need to go to the toilet since with the moon lamp you will have a soft lighting that will accompany you wherever you are. The options are endless since it is also suitable for lighting a tent or car when we drive at night, remember that you can charge it by USB anywhere.

Although there are accessible ambient light lamps, there is none that offers such an original and suitable design for the best decoration of your home and that competes in value for money with the moon lamp. Its handmade design and special lighting makes it an economical option with a unique design. If you want to buy bedside table lamps at a good price, the Lunar Effects moon lamp with its 3D relief is a success.

A really curious product that can be a gift if you are looking for something different that will certainly not go unnoticed. The Lunar Effects moon lamp is available on the website. Head over to to purchase yours now. You most certainly won’t be disappointed.

Moon Lamps Australia by Lunar Effects are setting the benchmark with these fascinating moon lamps. With Christmas soon to be upon us, ensure that you get that special someone a gift they won’t forget! 

Starting at just $34.99 AUD with free Australian shipping, all moon lamps come with a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can purchase with confidence. Just send the lamp back within 30 days and you’ll receive a hassle-free refund. And on top of that, each lamp comes with a 3 month product guarantee, so if you experience any issues with the lamp, send it back and you’ll receive  brand new lamp at no additional cost. Please note, shipping costs back to Lunar Effects are your responsibility. Refunds and Exchanges subject to terms and conditions. 

Specifications of the Lunar Effects lamp

Material: PVC 

Body Color: White

Base: Wood

Light color: Cool white, warm white and warm yellow

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 300 mAh

Charging time: 2-3 hours approximately.

Battery life: 4-6 hours (depending on usage)

Size: 8cm, 12cm 15cm and 20cm.

What’s included?

Moon lamp.

Universal USB charging cable (without adapter)

Customised wooden base.

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