Is Studying For Your NAPLEX Exhausting? These Online Resources Can Help


The strenuous demands of NAPLEX, or the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, are not confined merely to taking the examination itself. The heavy challenges begin as early as reviewing for the test. NAPLEX has tough components that will judge whether or not an individual has the requisite knowledge and competence in the practice of the pharmaceutical profession.

Naturally, no less than rigorous reviewing will be required to prepare for the test. Aspiring pharmacists will have to subject themselves to long hours of review and preparation. Moments of care-free relaxation will be sacrificed to give way to weeks of reading, memorizing, analyzing, and taking mock tests. The days leading up to the examinations will be exhausting—it will test the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional strength. As such, it is imperative that examinees be equipped with ample resources and tools that will aid them in their review and temper the effects of stress and exhaustion.

One very vital aspect of review is taking a NAPLEX practice exam. Although only a practice and not the actual deal, these mock tests can be grueling. These practice exams should not be taken lightly because they are also an accurate representation of the actual questions that will come out in the NAPLEX itself. While it can definitely be tiring to put one’s self through the ordeal of answering a practice exam that will not yield any actual license or certification, partaking of this review strategy will prepare the examinee physically and mentally.

Do they have the discipline to carefully assess the multiple choice questions? Did they cover enough topics during their review or are the sample questions unfamiliar? Whatever the results of the practice exams are, the examinees will be able to gauge their performance and become aware of the competencies that they need to improve on.

It also helps if there are online resources that can serve as a guide for the examinee during the review process. For instance, the Department of Pharmacy Practice of Cedarville University has shared online an academic paper that presents the “Evaluation of Student Perceptions of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences.”

Another online Pharmaceutical Journal, “Tomorrow’s Pharmacist”, shared an article on “How to Gain your Licence to Practise as a Pharmacist in the US”

KAPTEST, on the other hand, provides not only sample quizzes but also survival guides for NAPLEX.

The Pharmacy Exam website shares a few sample questions from NAPLEX. Their compendium of practice tests, however, is only available for purchase.

These online resource materials prove to be a big help in the NAPLEX practice exam because they outline insights that are crucial to the pharmaceutical profession. A How-To list also serves as an effective guide for NAPLEX examinees, providing them with an easy checklist of tasks that they need to accomplish prior to earning their license. The sample quizzes are an efficient tool to measure whether or not an examinee is ready to take the actual NAPLEX exam.

If studying for NAPLEX has already proven to be too exhausting, examinees can take a quick break from the sample tests and read some helpful blogs and anecdotes. For example, this article shares tips on how to study for NAPLEX and allegedly pass on the first try. Of course, the “first try” claim is not a guarantee by any means, but the article itself presents helpful tips and techniques.

Studying for NAPLEX is definitely far from easy, but its rewards are far greater than the hardships it entails. With patience, determination, and a smart approach to NAPLEX practice test, an examinee will soon gain that much-coveted Pharmacist License.

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