Is It Better to Give the Hospital Your Health or Auto Insurance?



The unfortunate reality of insurance companies is that they are businessesand must operate in a manner that saves and earns them the most money. This truth applies to both auto insurance providers and healthcare insurers alike. For this reason, it can be overwhelming to navigate the aftermath of an accident as you attempt to use your insurance to cover the incurred expenses. 

Your hospital may be pushing you to use your auto insurance when you planned to do the opposite. Following a collision, you must be aware of what insurance policies are best to use to fund your recovery. The knowledgeable car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills have provided their expert advice that provides crucial details on what you need to know about using auto vs. health insurance to cover crash-related expenses.  

Health vs. Auto Insurance After a Car Accident – Which is Better?

Not all insurance providers, whether they operate within the health or auto sector, have your best interests in mind. In fact, many have been known to use tactics that trick their policyholders into making decisions that financially hurt them but benefit the company that is supposed to protect you in these circumstances. If your physician or doctor’s office is pushing you to use your automobile insurance to treat your injuries after an accident, they are not acting in your favor whatsoever. They are focused on making a profit instead.

For example, if you incurred $15,000 in medical bills in the aftermath of a car crash, and you opt to use your health insurance, then your expenses will be covered, plain and simple. Sure, the hospital does not make a significant profit from your visits, but you do not have to pay out of pocket, except for a co-payment or deductible, if applicable. However, if you use your automobile insurance, the hospital avoids the discounted pay from your insurance provider and pockets thousands more in profits.

This is an unfortunately common thing for hospitals, medical practitioners, and health insurance providers to do. Instead of protecting the victim as they should, they instead use their unawareness of these tactics against them in a predatory manner, seeking monetary gain instead of the patient’s health. 

Navigating Payment Discussions with Your Healthcare Provider

Thousands of victims have been taken advantage of by this system, and many have ended up overpaying for medical expenses due to the manipulative nature of these transactions. This practice has gained popularity in the medical field in recent years, so victims must be aware in order to protect themselves fully. After your incident, thoroughly examine your policy to verify what will be covered by the insurer and what will not be. Know what to expect from both your medical and auto insurance providers to prepare yourself for any tactics such as those described here.

Lastly, seek the guidance of a car accident lawyer. They will already be equipped with the knowledge on how to circumnavigate these predatory insurance tactics and will alert you to any suspicious behavior and requests from your healthcare provider. To avoid overpayment and ensure that you do not foot the bill as the victim of a car accident, get in touch with a car accident lawyer today. 


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