Inside Kim Anami’s ‘Well-F–ked Woman’ Salon


According to holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami, “Ninety-five percent of women are radically underf–ked.”

We’ve all noticed the energy of someone who needs to “get laid.” These women often suffer fatigue, mood swings, depression, and weight gain.

Well-f–ked women, on the other hand, have high energy and confidence without the help of substances or antidepressants. Their sexual energy flows into all areas of their lives.

Anami’s Well-F–ked Woman Salon is a virtual eight-week experience in harnessing that natural pleasure and power. In it, women learn how to:

 — Own their sexuality

— Experience more sexual pleasure

— Achieve multiple, powerful, internal orgasms

— Keep the spark alive in long-term relationships

With a better connection to your sexual energy, you can experience more vivacity and natural radiance. Get well-f–ked and watch compliments, opportunities, and even money flow into your life.

How The Well-F–ked Woman Salon Works

Over eight weeks, Kim Anami guides women on a journey of sexual discovery and ownership. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual exercises.

“Our sexual energy is life force, creative energy,” Anami explains. People often make the mistake of compartmentalizing the mind, heart, and body. However, Anami believes separating these things leaves us feeling disconnected from ourselves.

Reunifying these elements is key to unlocking our power in and out of the bedroom. By engaging in guided activities with our heads, hearts, and genitals, we can repair the disconnection and harness our full energy potential.

The Well-F–ked Partner

Sex with romantic partners sets relationships apart from friendships or roommate arrangements. Without good sex, you may as well just be buddies.

Good sex with our partners ought to be transformational. It communicates connection and creates energy that can be harnessed in times of stress.

Being well-f–ked with a partner requires high relationship security. You need the ability to be truly open and honest about experiences, desires, and developments along the journey. “The key to the vaginal kingdom is cultivating a space where women feel safe,” Anami tells her male clients. “Then they are able to open up and surrender.”

The right partner will be on board with this. After participating in the salon, you will be able to connect with your partner on a truer, more profound level than ever before.

Vaginal Kung Fu Will Change Your Life

Can you orgasm from penetration alone? If the answer is no, you could probably use some Vaginal Kung Fu.

When women can’t deeply feel the inside of their vaginas during sex, they miss out on pleasure and powerful orgasms. To address this, Kim Anami offers a Vaginal Kung Fu Salon for women seeking life-changing experiences through enhanced vaginal sensation.

Vaginal Kung Fu empowers women to own every part of their body and pleasure. As Anami puts it, “The sooner women realize just how powerful their vaginas are, the sooner they’ll have the sex they desire and deserve.”

Kim Anami Guarantees Your Orgasm

“Any woman can have multiple internal orgasms from her cervix, G-spot, and vagina,” Kim Anami guarantees.

Whether single or partnered, powerful orgasms are possible and even central to being a well-f–ked woman. When coming from a place of high self-love and sexual surrender, you can experience life-changing orgasmic bliss.

This does take some work. Women often carry sexual blocks in the form of myths and negative experiences that get in the way of accessing their feminine energy. In the Well-F–ked Woman Salon, Kim Anami teaches how to identify and dismantle those blocks.

With a little effort, women can have the orgasm-filled gourmet sex they deserve. Bring your mind, body, and spirit together and tap into the divine feminine energy waiting to be unleashed.

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