How to Raise Hard-Working Children


Most successful people will tell you that talent is part of the equation, but hard work tops it. It’s essential to put in some elbow grease and stay consistent when working on your goals. This doesn’t come naturally to most people, but the good news is that it can be taught. 

If you notice that your children are slacking and you worry that they don’t understand the importance of hard work, it’s still not too late to turn things around. Children usually gravitate toward things that will give them instant gratification. However, you can teach them that amazing things take time and effort, and that putting in the work truly pays off. 

Here’s how to help your children become more diligent and responsible. While they may resist it at first, this way you’ll give them a great start in life and pave the way for their future success.

1. Praise them for trying

Just like adults, some children are simply more talented for certain things. While some things come naturally to your child’s friend, they may not be as effortless for them. This is why you shouldn’t compare your child to others. Instead, you should encourage them to push themselves over their limits and compete with themselves, not with their peers. Even if they’re not successful, give them praise for doing their best. This will put the focus on effort instead of natural talent, and let your child know that hard work is the key to success.

2. Help them discover their talents

Everyone has their strong suits. Help your child recognize theirs and work on them. As a rule of thumb, they’ll enjoy working hard for things that are just outside their reach. It’s best when things are neither too easy nor too hard, because children need this delicate balance between boredom and frustration. As they achieve their first success in their chosen activity, they’ll be more motivated to try and reach their next goal.

3. Don’t criticize them for their mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and failure is a normal part of life. Perfectionist parents can negatively affect their children’s self esteem and sense of worth. If they make an honest mistake, you can still praise them for trying, and help them not repeat it. Failing is actually an invaluable learning experience because it provides the child with a chance to realize that they’re OK even if they don’t succeed every single time.

4. Enjoy the journey, not the destination

Finding joy in the process instead of only focusing on the prize is the way to go when you want to raise hard-working kids. People who actually enjoy the path that takes them to their final goal have a better chance of completing their tasks successfully. If they only do it for the sake of winning, there’s too much pressure, which can put them off trying. So, relax a little, and skip soccer practice once in a while to take them to their favorite trampoline park to blow off steam.

5. Provide them with a good example

Are you a hard worker yourself? Then you’ll likely raise equally diligent children. Little ones observe their parents’ every move, even if it doesn’t seem like it, and they learn from everything you do, not from what you say. Show them how you deal with your responsibilities dutifully and they’ll take your cue. This goes for everything from chores to work stuff – if you keep up with your commitments, you’ll be an excellent role model for your children.

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