How To Prevent A Fire In Your Business Kitchen?


For most restaurant owners and professional cooks, their kitchen fire suppression system is not something they pay close attention to daily. Unlike quality ingredients, a delicious menu, and top-notch staff, this commercial kitchen team does nothing to improve a restaurant’s reputation and keep customers eager on the doorstep.

But if a commercial kitchen fire extinguishing system doesn’t work when it’s needed, the results can be catastrophic and deadly.

The statistics are clear: Fire is the number one hazard within the walls of a commercial kitchen. And it has been shown that in more than 50% of cases, the cause of the fire is the lack of equipment protection.

Prevent Fire In Your Commercial Kitchen

In a perfect world, you would never need to use the kitchen fire extinguishing system; therefore, the number one goal is to avoid having a fire. Most of the losses in these kitchens are caused by the accumulation of grease in the cooking area and the exhaust system; therefore, the malfunction of the kitchen fire-fighting equipment.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all chances of having a restaurant or catering kitchen fire, there are two crucial steps you can take to reduce the chance of a disaster dramatically.

Clean The Extraction Hood And Ducts

The purpose of the exhaust hood and duct system is to collect vapours from the kitchen and remove them from the building. However, during the ventilation process, particles inevitably accumulate on the system surfaces, creating a highly flammable grease residue.

Most times, we don’t know the best fire damage contractor to call upon when we face issues like a fire in the house, kitchen, or office. However, its best to keep calm nerves and contact a good contractor because, without due diligence, you might cause more harm to your property.

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