How to Design a Small Business Invoice


Each year, over 600,000 new businesses open in the U.S. These new business owners have a lot to do and a lot on their plate.

With all the business-centric tasks they are focused on, many business owners don’t give much thought to the small business invoice they use. However, this is a mistake.

The fact is that the design of your invoice matters. If you want to ensure that your invoices make an impression and that clients pay them faster, use some of the invoice design tips found here.

Keep Your Brand Front and Center on the Invoice

You have put in a lot of time and effort in creating your brand. You have selected the perfect layout, fonts, logo, themes, and more. These are all the things that make your brand unique from the competition.

You have also likely used all these things in your marketing efforts – after all, they reflect your business’s personality . You should ensure your invoice is properly branded, as well.

If you need help making sure that your brand is reflected, there are professional design services. You can even use quotation designs for another unique element to add to your invoice and your brand messaging.

Create a Clear Structure for Your Invoice

When creating the structure for your invoice, you need to keep a few elements in mind. You also need to follow some basic guidelines.

One example is where customer information is located. Usually, this will be on the upper left- or right-hand side—details about the service or product provided or sold need to be in a central location.

Your customers will appreciate this. That is because this setup makes it easier to find everything. This also leads to the invoice being paid faster than a more confusing or hard-to-understand layout.

Ensure Making a Payment is Simple

Just like you, the clients you work for are likely busy. Chances are, having to pay money is not the most enjoyable part of their day.

As a result, you need to make this process as simple as possible.

While attractive design and branding are essential, you also need to make sure the invoice can be read easily. All of the information you include should be easy to understand.

This means that you should keep the design of your invoice tasteful and clear. Try to use your branded colors in your subheadings and headings while keeping the main part neutral by using white or black.

Be sure the logo is positioned in a neutral and unobtrusive location. Keep in mind that whitespace is a good thing.

Creating the Perfect Small Business Invoice

While there may not be a “perfect” small business invoice, when you take your time and try out different layouts and designs, you can find something that works for you and your clients. This is going to pay off in the long run.

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