How Can Divorce and Custodial Matters Get Resolved with Experienced Legal Aid?


Times have changed and so have people. Earlier, Marriage was an institution that people widely believed in. But with changing circumstances and behaviors, people are scared of commitments. And even if they do get into a marriage, they quickly get out of it. 

As they say, ‘Divorce is the new Marriage; people need legal advisors to assist them in the daunting process of filing and getting through a divorce case. McKenzie Friend in Oxford and several other legal firms are working hard each day to help men and women to get out of their toxic relationships and move ahead in life. 

As you scroll down to read this article, you will find yourself relating to a lot of information mentioned below and find guidance in choosing a wise lawyer to stand by you while you get a divorce. 

What are the challenges of getting a divorce?

You might think that getting a divorce is easy, but it’s not. In England, most divorce cases filed by couples are of the opposite sex. In 2020, the rate of Divorce in the country was significantly higher than in the previous years. The pandemic was a period where many domestic violence and Divorce cases came out. As a result, more people are starting to seek legal advice for dealing with complicated scenarios. Below you’ll find a list of things you should know before getting a divorce. 

  • The court does not consider the cause of your separation to decide on a settlement

When you file a divorce, the court will know to consider factors like the cause of the Divorce to decide on a settlement. Most people assume that adultery or the cause of divorce results in getting them a more significant settlement. But it isn’t true. Your divorce lawyer may provide enough arguments to divide the assets based on who owns what. 

  • You can have a divorce where no one is at fault

Divorce has become common because people now are not ready to settle for anything they don’t believe they deserve. Couples grow apart and are happy to go their separate ways. If the couple has lived separately for more than two years or five, they are eligible to file a ‘no-fault’ divorce. 

  • A financially weaker party can get a better financial aid

England is known for its generosity in helping the financially weaker sections. In other jurisdictions, the financial reward is not vary based on who is financially stable or weaker. But especially in England, a financially weaker partner is entitled to more rewards to manage their expenses. 

How can a divorce lawyer assist you in fighting your divorce battle?

An experienced divorce lawyer helps couples find a solution to work out or get out of their Marriage. They will conduct a cross-examination with the couple to understand where the problem lies and how they can assist you in finding a solution. A divorce lawyer remains consistent to stand tall by your side as you figure out your future. They can explain the legal consequences of your action and prepare you to deal with the possible outcomes. McKenzie Friend in Oxford sets an example of how divorce cases can be resolved with proper guidance and argument. 

You can stay relaxed and let your divorce attorney represent you and win the case for you. But to get a positive outcome from your divorce case, you must be loyal and honest with the attorney. There should be complete transparency, even if you are wrong. So, if you are looking forward to getting legal support to file a divorce case, make an appointment with a top law firm in Oxford and discuss your concerns. 

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