Flying the Hot Air Balloons and More in Cappadocia


Flying in a balloon in Cappadocia is so beautiful that our desire is that every person in the world would have the opportunity to do the same at least once in their life. The landscape is indescribably beautiful, the silence when you are flying conveys a lot of peace and, from above, and you can feel how great nature is. Success is not in vain.

The flight takes place very early in the morning and its performance depends on favorable weather conditions, that is, a sky with few clouds and moderate winds. As it is done in the early morning, because the weather conditions are also better at that time of day, the time of the balloon flight depends on the time of birth of the sun. In June, it is born at 5:15 am and in December at 6:58 am. Our suggestion is that you book the balloon flight on your first morning in Cappadocia; if not, try the next day. So try to stay there two or three mornings, so you have a better chance of flying.

Balloon flights are the main activity in Cappadocia and are really a must-see, but it is undeniable that they are expensive. In the simplest companies, flights of 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration cost around  € 120 and  can cost much more, reaching € 250 (or even more), per person. In times when the real is devalued, you need to think carefully about the service you are hiring. You can witness the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon flights perfectly.

How it works

After waking up early, the company you hired will pick you up at the hotel and take you to an open field, where the flight will take place. The balloon works in air, this means that it takes a while to get full; after being visibly filled, and the torch starts to work, which heats the air inside the balloon. With the torch flames, the balloon receives warm (less dense) air inside it, and so it can float in the sky, which has cold (more dense) air.

The size of the balloon varies, as does the basket that people carry. There are balloons with a capacity for 12, 16, 24 people and so on. Each company stipulates a certain number of passengers in the baskets, according to the size of the balloons. Anyone who wants a more personalized experience and can pay for it, can even take a flight alone; already those who do not have all this money, must make a flight shared with other people, which is the service generally used. The fewer people, the more personal your experience will be. Our tip is that you research several agencies (read about the quality of the service, the number of people in the baskets, the price) and find a balance until you decide which company to hire. Other than that you can also go for the Cappadocia Excursions  now.

Choosing an agency

To be honest, choosing an agency is the most annoying part of balloon flight. The number of agencies is huge (there are almost 30), the price is very high and it is very important that you worry about taking the tour with a suitable agency. Although accidents are rare, when making a balloon flight, your life is in the hands of another person, who must be highly trained to carry out the tour.

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