Explained: Top 5 Reasons For The Rise Of Women Only Social Media Communities


Social media platforms are what kept the people going in the pandemic. Everyone found for themselves some kind of interest or the other. Social media had its prowess even before the pandemic. For instance, Her Circle, often considered the best social media platform for women, has brought together women from all over the world to support each other.

In the recent past, social media has seen a great rise in women-only social media communities. Such communities work towards uniting women in a more organised manner where they can interact with each other and address daily problems along with undertaking ambitious projects to uplift themselves.

Social media platforms have a wide reach and it reaches out to people all over the world. They can obliterate geographical boundaries bringing in more and more members. Women who have similar interests and predicaments can find solidarity without even having to leave their homes. It has worked great especially for Indian women who are housewives. They can build their own circle without having to compromise on their duties. Almost every social media platform for women has spread awareness regarding women’s health and wellness, a much less talked about issue in our country.

However, everything has a course of history and such platforms have not risen out of thin air but due to certain solid reasons. Let us discover the reasons that may have been responsible for such growth.

Wide Access 

The internet brings people from all over the world under a banner. Whatever your interests may be, you are sure to have at least one social media account. This has been decisive in the building of women-only groups.

Desire to Connect 

Most women generally have a smaller circle when compared to men. Most women who stay mostly at home hardly have the scope of having a social life but with a social media platform for women, they can connect with other women. This has led to a sense of association which is extremely important for any social being.

Social media has, to some extent, quenched the desire to connect with people who might have the same issues and interests. Such platforms are also designed keeping in mind the general interest of women like fashion, lifestyle, and cooking. They also spread awareness about menstruation, pregnancy and social injustice.


Women often feel underconfident about themselves and their problems. Sexuality and sexual disorders are a hush-hush in society. Thus, it is extremely difficult for women to talk about it to friends or family. In a social media platform for women, one gets to interact with different kinds of women and weave around themselves a protective bond of solidarity.

The Pandemic

With the pandemic flooring the world, women who have jobs also find themselves locked up in the house and cut off from friends and colleagues. In such a dire situation, social media is what one looks up to. It helps them reconnect with people and feel a sense of belonging.

Feminist Social Media Platforms 

Feminism has been garnering a lot of attention from both academic as well as pop culture circles. This has led to the birth of several feminist social media platforms like Her Circle which talks about important issues and caters to the interest of women. Such platforms have attracted women from different walks of life.

Social media platforms that cater to women are growing day by day. It has helped several women find their vocation and voices. Some even offer support systems for women who are victims of rape, acid attacks, domestic violence etc. This has only led to more awareness of rights among women and breaking away from certain societal taboos.

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