Does Horse Gram Help Gain Weight?


Scientifically known as Macrotyloma uniflorum, horse gram, although a small, circular to oblong, dark brown, red or black spotted seed, confers massive merits for human health, like treating diabetes symptoms, enhancing reproductive health in men and healing kidney stones. Commonly termed as Madras gram, horse gram, kulthi, this humble superfood goes by various local names in India, such as “Hurali” In Kannada, “Muthira” in Malayalam, “Kollu” in Tamil, “Ulavalu” in Telugu and “Kulitha” in Marathi.

Nutritional Values Of Horse Gram:

Cultivated extensively in the South Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Sri Lanka, as well as many parts of Africa, horse gram is indeed a highly underrated legume that displays a remarkable nutrition profile. It is intrinsically rich in proteins, for optimal growth, development of bodily organs, and reinforced muscles. Bestowed with dietary fibers, horse gram promotes digestion processes and ensures smooth bowel movements.

Horse gram also abounds in the B vitamins – thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, thereby promptly breaking down complex macronutrients of proteins, carbs, fats into simple substances and generating ample energy for biochemical functions. Moreover, these minuscule seeds are blessed with the goodness of vital antioxidants, as well as key minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, for resilient bones, joints, uplifted blood circulation and removal of harmful free radicals, toxins from the system.

Is Horse Gram Useful For Weight Gain?

The simple answer is no, horse gram does not contribute towards weight gain. On the contrary, it is a highly recommended food by nutritionists and dietitians to lose surplus body weight, for those suffering from obesity, overweight conditions and others on a strict dietary regime.

With a 100 gram serving of horse gram supplying a whopping 22 grams of bioavailable amino acids, horse gram is a salubrious plant-based protein source that satisfies the appetite, keeps the stomach feeling full for longer time durations, bolstering metabolism. In addition, it is laden with valuable soluble and insoluble dietary fibers that curb untimely cravings, effectively burn body fat, improve gut health, to help in shedding extra body mass.

For people who have a very lean body frame despite their increasing age or considerable height, starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, white bread, rich dairy produce such as whole fat milk, cream, yoghurt are ideal to be incorporated into the regular diet. When taken in measured quantities, along with regular exercise and deep sleep, these carbohydrate and fat-enriched foods help in healthy weight gain and even distribution of fat in the body.

Health Benefits Of Horse Gram:

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Taking a small spoonful of raw horse gram seeds post meals helps in slowing down carbohydrate assimilation by cells, tissues, averting sudden spikes in blood glucose concentrations and improving the overall wellbeing of those with diabetes.

Expels Kidney Stones

Profuse quantities of antioxidants in horse gram aid in eliminating painful kidney stones from the system, by blocking calcium salts from solidifying, thus efficiently detoxifying the bloodstream and augmenting renal health.

Cures Menstrual Cramps

Horse gram is a powerhouse of iron that promotes the synthesis and transport of nutrient-rich blood. It also comprises analgesic i.e. pain-relieving properties, that alleviates the discomfort in the lower abdomen during periods in women.

Increases Sperm Production

Abundant in minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, horse gram elevates the activity of the male reproductive hormones, by increasing blood circulation towards those tissues. Hence, sexual wellness of men is vastly enhanced, to amplify sperm synthesis.

Safeguards Liver Operations

Horse gram is plentiful in advantageous antioxidants like polyphenols, which foster liver functions, nurture hepatic tissues. Therefore, food wastes, toxins are efficiently washed out from the system, cleansing the bloodstream and boosting immunity.

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