DC DUI; What You Should Know


Wherever you go, impaired driving carries significant penalties. Considerable fines, jail time, and losing driving privileges are some of the common considerations. The long-term consequences can’t be overlooked as well. As the conviction remains on your record, finding a job and affordable car insurance becomes harder, affecting your quests as you strive to move forward and make better choices. A DC DUI Lawyer can help you navigate the process if you are charged with an offense. Nonetheless, being on the know helps, making it easier to avoid the detrimental consequences that can haunt you for years. As you drive in DC, here are some of the DUI things you should know.

You don’t necessarily have to be driving

You could be arrested and charged with DUI in DC even if you weren’t driving. How; sitting in the car with keys in the ignition and alcohol level at or above the set threshold (0.08). In such a situation, you are deemed to be in control of the vehicle. What’s more, even if you don’t fail a sobriety test and show no intoxication signs, a BAC at or above 0.08 could see you arrested. You are parked and waiting for your designated driver after taking a few drinks. To be safer, don’t sit behind the wheels; after all, you are only one mistake away from driving. As you are impaired, your judgment isn’t at its best, and you could quickly grow impatient and drive.

Zero tolerance on underage drunk driving

DC has strict underage drinking and driving measures. Any driver at or below the age of 21 can easily lose their license due to a DUI. They don’t have to be as drunk, as the 0.08 BAC isn’t the threshold. Any alcohol level in their blood while driving warrants an automatic DUI. Apart from losing driving privileges, the minor could face other penalties, including the mandatory minimums. The parent could also be fined following the DUI situation.

The first offense is a misdemeanor

Your first DUI offense won’t be as punitive. Nonetheless, if the DUI resulted in an accident, especially with significant injuries or fatalities, it’ll carry severe penalties. Moreover, if the BAC is a lot higher, you won’t be leniently treated. With a less-tainted driving record and no significant DUI consequences, the first offense could even be reduced to OWI or dismissed with no points taken from your license after meeting certain conditions such as taking a driver improvement course.

Mandatory minimums

The judge might feel that you don’t deserve certain punishment. Nonetheless, in DC, the set mandatory minimums must be imposed. The judge can’t reduce the mandatory minimums, and they get severe with every additional infraction. Other factors such as high BAC, presence of a minor when driving impaired, and if the offense isn’t the first within 15 years, among others, increases DUI’s minimum mandatory penalties. The measures that can improve the leniency levels include completing probation and taking driving safety programs and alcohol education, whether ordered or not. This shows your dedication, improving the leniency levels, but doesn’t guarantee anything as mandatory minimums must be imposed.

Facing DUI charges isn’t a cakewalk, even when the case seems straightforward.  Enlisting a DC DUI lawyer is advisable, helping you to navigate the legal complexities and realize favorable progress and results.

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