Costume Ideas For Your Pet This Halloween


Halloween is a fun and exciting time of your pet. With so much going on, from seasonal pet food UK to horror films there is a lot for them to take in. And with Halloween, comes costumes! A popular choice for many around the world, dressing your dog or cat up in a funny costume will get them and you in the spirit! 

So if you’re thinking about dressing your pup or feline friend up this year, here are some simple yet hilarious options that you can replicate at home!

Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

A Puppy Latte Costume 

When October comes around, everyone suddenly becomes obsessed with pumpkin spice latte. So why not replicate that love with a hilarious puppy latte costume? An extraordinary and adorable option, it can be as extravagant or as simple as you want!

A Witch or Wizard

Maybe you would prefer a more traditional costume? If that’s the case, why not dress your dog in a spooky witch or wizard costume. A Halloween staple, they will look as they are ready to perform spellbinding magic after you put the outfit on them!

A Lion

Consistently a popular option for dogs, this wild choice will transport your pup to the savannah! With a simple lion’s mane, they will look roarsome come October 31st!

A Bat

A classic choice, this spooky look is fun and suitable for the season. If your dog prefers a costume that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, a bat could be the perfect option!

A Dinosaur

Does your dog have a fierce side? Then a dinosaur costume is ideal! An awesome costume idea for Halloween, it’s a popular choice for many dog owners – no matter what type of dog they have! From a triceratops to a raptor, there are so many options to choose from on the market. 

A Superhero

Looking for a Halloween costume that’s out of this world? Then why not opt for a superhero? Whether it’s Superman, Batman or another character, it’s the perfect choice for any Marvel or DC fan. 

Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Cat

A Shark 

This on-trend costume is ideal for any cat owner. A cute yet seasonal-appropriate costume idea, it will look extremely comical the moment it’s on your pet. 

A Sailor 

Transform your feline friend into a seafarer with this fun costume this Halloween. Complete with a little hat and traditional sailor gear, they will look adorable. There are so many of these costumes all over the internet – meaning your kitty will be on-trend. 

A Slice of Pizza 

This gut-busting choice is ideal for those felines that are carrying a little extra weight! A popular choice in 2019, it can be altered depending on the type of pizza that you want. 

A Pirate

Send your cat on a swashbuckling adventure that’s unlike any other with this buccaneer costume! Whether they are channelling Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard this funny Halloween costume takes the occasion to the next level. Complete with a sword, hat and little boots, your cat will look fabulous!

An Avocado 

In 2019, avocado’s are the must-have food for any hipster. And with that trend has come something that’s simply incredible – avocado cat costumes. A two-part costume, it’s ideal for any millennial that wants a costume that’s unique and different!

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