ConnectPal and Other Ways Social Media Influencers are Evolving


In recent times, the use of social media influencers has become a businesses’ predominant marketing tactic, and many places are embracing influencers as part of their sales plan. In fact, a modern marketing manager would argue that a brand is no longer what it tells the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.

As influencers continue to evolve and embrace new forms of social engagement, the easy days of influencer marketing where reach alone may have been all that was needed are over, especially as Millennials become more socially savvy.

Here are 5 ways how social media influencers are evolving.

They use a variety of social media platforms

From Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to TikTok, Tumblr and ConnectPal, social media influencers are utilizing a variety of social media platforms to reach new audiences.  According to a 2019 Influencer Marketing Survey, the top five most strategically important social media channels for influencer marketing are: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blogs and Twitter.  However, influencers know that in order to reach the most people, they also need to include themselves on additional social sites.  For instance, ConnectPal allows influencers to add audio, video, photos and other media to their profiles and update their content whenever they want, further solidifying their online presence and reaching more followers.

They find micro niche areas

Influencer marketing has entered its next phase where brands must reach micro niche audiences. Also known as Micro influencers, this specific group of social media talent is defined as someone who has a follower count between 2,000-50,000 on a specific social media channel and who curates content around a certain niche topic or market.

They are more than just celebrities

It’s no surprise that the biggest challenge brands face today is gaining and retaining trust of their audiences. To meet the challenge, some brands are trading in celebrity influencers for everyday people like mom bloggers, fitness experts, activists and other ‘average joes’ who are experts in their subject of topics.

They are passionate about social causes

Speaking of activists, today’s social media influencers are passionate about political or social causes. Their goal is to introduce positive change by influencing others to follow suit.

Activist influencers often have passionate views on current issues and use social media as a tool to voice their opinions. Brands should be cautious when collaborating with such types of social media influencers.

They create genuine connections

Influencers today know how important it is to be authentic. Finding an influencer who is already a consumer and advocate of a product is going to be more organic than hiring someone who has never used the brand.  Authentic influencers create and grow audiences through personal connection, positioning themselves as experts in their field, thereby building trust.

As social media influencers continue to evolve into the future, companies who are looking to attract broader audiences should know they are well worth the investment. With users consuming content across different platforms, influencers can use their reach to target more followers than ever before.

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