Company: How to File Your Taxes on Paper?


Everyone pays taxes. A particular percentage of whatever you are earning is paid for taxes. Failing to do so can result in serious issues with the government. It might even result in prison for the most serious cases. That’s the reason why you must pay your taxes on time. The importance of taxation stems from the fact that it provides funding for all government endeavours. This means the government can’t operate without them.

Tax is not only for individual earners; businesses also pay tax to their respective governments. For businesses to continue running without interference like auditing, they are required to pay their taxes when due. Before you pay your company tax, you need to know how much you should pay. You can obtain this figure from your records. After calculating, you get the amount based on the percentage of the tax required. You can also apply for SR&ED refundable tax credits if you are eligible for one.

Filing your paper tax

Technology has made many things easier and faster. Things that would normally take some time to complete can be done faster. But advancement doesn’t completely take away what was only there as an alternative or an option. But not everyone is familiar with it or likes to use it; some people prefer to file on paper. Here is how to file your tax return on paper.

Compile your records

The first step to tax before you can begin the filing process is to get all the required records or documents. This shows you that it is important to have a good record and record-keeping culture because it makes the whole process easy and faster. If you have the records in an accessible place where you can arrange them properly, it saves you a lot of time. The documents that you will require depend on the type of company you are filing for.

Get the form

Filing the form is the next step in the process. You get all the data you need from the records, like the sales made and expenses, so you can know the exact amount to pay. There are different forms, and since you are using the paper method, you need to use the one that best suits your business. Also, supporting documents should be filled in and attached. If you are applying for the tax credit, you need to add some other documents for that.

Submit your tax return on time

After doing what is necessary, like filing, getting the records, and cross-checking the forms, the next thing is to submit the form. Make sure you avoid any delays in submission at all costs, because they may result in a fine. So, all documents needed for filing should be ready and available, and the tax return should be filled out on time.

Tax return filing is a rigorous task that requires a lot of work and even more for taxes done by paper filing. You should carry out the filing as soon as possible. You also have the option to bring in professionals to assist when needed. You might consider Morrison Consultants, who offer tax advisory services to ensure compliance. 

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