Classic Power Points With Refined Finishing And Layout


Classic Power Points are unmatchable in their powerful efficiency and can fulfill the need to save energy. Such power points is designed to maintain the flow of electricity as per the necessity that helps you to save on your electricity bills. Once you have them installed they should make the supply of electricity more efficient than ever before. Such power points provide the same performance no matter where you plan to use them.

AGM Electrical Supplies—A Popular Electrical Wholesaler In Australia

AGM Electrical supplies is a renowned wholesaler offering high-quality electrical components across Australia, New Zealand and China. With a large user base and limitless favorable user reviews, this brand is certainly a benchmark for launching the quest for power points.

The Classic series features a cover plate with full face and smooth, radiused sides. Printed in black or white, single and double, vertical and horizontal and even with an extra click for easy separation of items such as dishwasher and collection.

Features Of Classic Power Points At AGM

Not all types of Electrical Wholesalers provide you with extra services to the main product. Yet you should expect to get something different with the classic power points, too. Several options are available with an extra button, for example, while others come with a 2 x 2.4 dual USB Charger.

Variety Of Style Options

Classic power points are available as both classic and slim-line, each with a range of exclusive choices for all types of consumers. You can consider more conforming and versatile styles in the traditional category while you can take on more trendy power points in the slimline category to suit your sleek decor and keep up with your decoration expectations.

The product features include:

  • Complies with Australian requirements and can be sold & used throughout Australia (RCM 5667)
  • Very sleek & modern style, suitable for home or office usage
  • Approximately 73 mm long, 118 mm high
  • Approximately 84 mm mounting core
  • Approximately 8 mm base projection

Buy Top Quality Classic Power Points From AGM Electrical

Power Points at AGM come from a trusted brand, i.e. Sparkelec, and give you sufficient reasons to focus on them for your next installation of fintech power point. Once you starting your quest make sure you know your budget and other associated needs well. Given all the options available, an informed decision often helps to take. Some of the best selling products at AGM are

  • Sparkelec Double Power Point 10 Amp – BLACK – SGPO2B
  • Sparkelec Double Power Point With Extra Switch 10 Amp – BLACK – SGPO2XB
  • Sparkelec SINGLE Power Point 15 Amp – BLACK – SGPO1/15B

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