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When you make a sports bet, you are betting your money against a ” bookmaker “, that is to say an organization which takes bets from individuals by offering them a odds according to the chosen event.

This rating defines the probability of the event in the eyes of the bookmaker, added to the margin of error that it allows.

Take the example of a “flip-flop”. We all know that there is a 50% chance that the coin will fall on either side. Without any margin, the bookmaker would assign a rating of 2 to each event but would gain nothing in the long term. This is why it will assign a rating of 1.9 for example, ensuring a margin of error that will benefit it in the long term. For the 토토사이트 sites this is important.

Calculation of odds for a sports bet

Odds of a sporting event = 1 / (probability of an event – bookmaker margin)

For example, if I estimate that the probability of Lyon to win the French championship is 70% and that the bookie takes a margin of error of 10%, the odds he offers on “Lyon champion of France” will be from: 1 / (70% – 10%) = 1.66 which means that:

  • If you bet $ 1 on Lyon and win, the bookmaker pays you $ 1.66.
  • If you bet $ 1 and lose your bet, the bookmaker keeps them.
  • How to make your first sports bets

Three simple steps are necessary to bet:

Register on a토토 sports betting site. The easiest to use are the best known: ParionsWeb, Bwin, sports betting PMU, Betclic, etc. Their current promotional offers (bonuses offered) will help you decide. The ParionsWeb bonus and the PMU turf bonus stand out from the crowd.

  • Deposit money into your virtual account before you start betting. Generally the minimum deposit is around 5 or 10 euros.
  • Choose the sporting event you are going to bet on.
  • We recommend that you start with simple bets and try the more complex later.

Guide for experienced bettors

Bet on football

Football is the sport that players bet the most on. No wonder given its popularity. The big difference between sports bets on soccer and those in other sports is the existence of a draw which offers an additional bet option.

The different types of sports betting

Today sports betting sites offer a variety of tools for betting, some are worth seeing and others are more intended to entertain bettors. Here are the main ones:

Single bet

Single bet is the most obvious sports bet. It is a question of betting on the result of a sporting event. The stake you bet is multiplied by the odds that the betting site attributes to the outcome you have chosen. For example, betting $ 10 on the victory of your football team at odds of 1.5 can earn you $ 10 x 1.5 = $ 15, a net gain of $ 5.

Multiple bet / combined bet

You can bet on several sports results at the same time and combine them so as to considerably increase the odds of your bet. Instead of betting on several sports results separately, you bet that all of your predictions are good. So all the sports results of your combination must be winning. If one of the results is losing, you lose your entire stake.

Let’s take an example: you bet $ 10 on the combination of the victory of your football team (odds 1.5) and on the fact that they score more than 2 goals during the 90 minutes of the match (odds 3). Your potential gain is $ 10 x 1.5 x 3 = $ 45, i.e. a net gain of $ 35.

Double bet

사설토토Betting in combination on 2 sporting events like the example above is called a “double bet”. Double bets are sports bets where you win from 2 good results. You can multiply double bets around a group of sporting events. For example, if you make a double on 4 football games, you are actually playing 6 double bets (because there are 6 possible doubles with 4 games).


  • If 2 of the 4 match results are good then you have a double winner.
  • If 3 of the 4 results are good then you have 3 double winners.
  • If all your predictions are good then you collect 6 double winners.

Note that depending on the sports betting sites, the amount of your stake is sometimes multiplied as soon as you combine bets . For example on ParionWeb on 4 selected matches, if you bet $ 1 on the Double bet, $ 6 will be debited from your balance! On Unibet, however, regardless of the number of sporting events selected, when you bet $ 1 on a combination, only $ 1 will be deducted from your balance. On Sportingbet and many sites, to bet only $ 1 on a combined bet you must use “accumulators”.

Triple bet

Triple bets work the same way as doubles, except that sporting events are combined by 3. So, when you bet triples on 5 events, you actually play 10 bets (10 possible triples with 5 games) and you win money from 3 good predictions.

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