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Every person dreams of having a spacious kitchen with a lot of natural lighting diffusing through the windows. However, not everyone can afford it.

If you own a small kitchen room, whether rental or your own, you do not have to feel discouraged. There are many ways in which you can transform it into an efficient and stylish space.

Check out the following tips on how you can turn your space into your dream kitchen.

Install statement lighting

If you do not want anybody to notice how big or small your cooking space is, then go for amazing statement lighting. That will introduce several levels of brightness and make your kitchen feel large. Moreover, it can also alter the mood and feel of your space.


The only way in which you can be just to your small kitchen is by keeping it simple. In other words, it is all about minimalism. That means paring all your items to the essentials and being contented in owning less.

Minimalism is about simplifying life to create the feeling of order and space illusions. To achieve this, you can start by tidying up the room and also installing light colors and simple accessories.


Decluttering involves getting rid of unwanted items from your drawers, pantry, and cupboard. It is the concept of having less in your cooking space to achieve a stylish and sustainable home.

Once you are done with decluttering, ensure that anything else that enters your kitchen is a replacement of a broken item or spoiled substance.

Cutting off the clutter enables you to save time because you do not have to keep on looking for a missing utensil or an ingredient when cooking. Moreover, it is easier to clean. Imagine trying to clean a refrigerator that is overflowing with food and containers. It must be overwhelming.

Mirror the walls

Incorporating mirrors on your kitchen walls will give your cooking space a touch of glamour. As the reflective surface bounces the light back across the room, it boosts the brightness and adds a sense of depth. Another essential benefit of mirrors is that they are an effective way of making your space look bigger.

So, depending on the type of mirror you choose, it can be a cost-effective way of improving the space in your kitchen.

Paint your cabinets

Do you have old-fashioned cabinets that are just not your style and color? Well, you can paint them to meet your standards and color preferences

Painting your cabinets is an affordable way of giving your cooking space a whole new look. It will also enable you to save some space since you will not have to buy the new storage lockers.

Once you have chosen the best paint for your cabinet, do not forget about the finish. A gloss coating can make your kitchen look more stylish and more extensive.

Enlarge the sink

Since your kitchen is small, you might not have a space to keep a dishwasher. In respect to that, find a double sink where one bowl will be meant for washing and the other one for dirty utensils.

That way, you will have a space to keep those unwashed plates without filling your workspace with clutter. You can also look for the best kitchen faucets to fit your décor and to make your space fashionable.

Transform every corner into a storage space

Identify areas that are not in use, such as the space below the sink, the back of your cupboards, and empty corners. Once you are done, stack whatever you can. Also, get rid of kitchenware that is not frequently in use or one that has only one purpose.

Moreover, you can also consider relocating those essential items that you do not use daily to another room in your home. You can, as well, try to make use of your kitchen wall by adding utensil rails, magnetic knife boards, or hooks on your cupboard sides.

Add storage helpers

Cupboards and drawers are some of the most crucial storage resources. However, you may not be utilizing them fully. To correct this, consider internal storage if you want to make good use of them. For instance, you can go for retrofitting wire racks that pull out of corners. Alternatively, you can also use drawer dividers for pans, utensils, and spices.

Another solution is to boost your storage further using a mobile solution. That will include items such as the trolley, popping baskets, or containers on top of wall cupboards. You can use a sturdy stool to help you reach them out.

Make a statement on the floor

To make your small kitchen beautiful and efficient, you can add a wow factor to an already existing space. You can try this one out using some geographic tiles. Tiles can take your room to a new height of style. In a small kitchen, they can make a significant impact on your design.

Use your utensils

Another way of making your small kitchen stylish is by investing in implements and appliances which are quality enough to display. For instance, you can mount the knives together on a magnetic wall strip or in a block.

Look for a matching set of mixing bowls in colorful ceramic that neatly stack inside one another and one that is attractive enough to be placed on open shelves. You can look for inspiration from a professional food preparation space and try it out.

Use one wall

One-wall designs are popular in small apartments and homes. They involve having all the appliances and cabinetry running along one wall. As a result, they give your kitchen a sense of openness.

Nevertheless, you need careful planning to ensure there is enough space for food preparation. That is because the sink and stove top can take up most of the space.

All the same, you can use a dining table for extra workspace. You can also include a wheeled butcher’s block for the food preparation, as well.

Based on the above information, it is evident that you do not need a big room to have a beautiful and efficient kitchen. You only require some excellent design ideas to make it spacious and ideal. So, if you have got a tiny kitchen, go through the above tips, and you will never regret it.


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