Anti-slavery Training Resources – Modern Slavery And How To Fight This

Anti-slavery Training Resources – Modern Slavery And How To Fight This

In California alone, there are about 1,334 cases of human trafficking with 2,122 victims reported. This is just for one state, so how can we be safe in the United States if there are issues that concern our safety? Indeed, the government is doing its best to protect us from all sorts of abuse, but this won’t stop when incidents aren’t reported.

Keep in mind that slavery of all types is even occurring online where minors are often taken as primary victims. Most of the time, it also starts at home and that’s when innocent children with no power are left with abusive adults or guardians. Due to fear, a child won’t dare to talk about it because he could have been threatened.

If you’re going to watch the news, cases of human trafficking in various communities are seldom broadcasted for their protection, too. Though reading from anti-slavery resources published by the government, you’ll find out what steps they’d been doing to combat such misconduct. Therefore, we should be supporting what measures the authorities are implementing to help those victims of modern slavery.

What’s modern slavery?

Trafficking of persons comes in various forms and targets are often abused or forced. The victims are involved in different malpractices which they never intend on doing but they’re threatened and can’t escape from such circumstances. These can turn out to be traumatic experiences and would lead to social fear in the end.

Traffickers could be anywhere and they may have been looking for targets in your neighborhood. These bad guys don’t mind how much such a phenome will affect your lives. Thus, we have to be aware of what sorts of exploitations they’re doing in our societies.

Sex Trafficking

Children and young adults are often used as prostitutes and they’re forced to entertain people sexually.  Some do this in front of a camera and if they disobey the instructions, they’ll be punished. They’d been beaten, starved, and locked in dark rooms.

Most of these individuals were swayed and promised good jobs. It was already late when they found out that they’ll be involved in prostitution.  While some of these minors were lured and their innocence was used so they’re caught in this trap – see for the latest news.

Forced Labor

Some traffickers sold people and send them to places as laborers. Again, many of them were encouraged to come because a job is waiting. The fake agents usually ask for money telling that it’s for their services.

When the targets arrive at their destinations, that’s when they’ll realize that it isn’t a decent job. They’ll be forced to work heavily and sometimes trade illegally. Some women are even mandated to be servants because their parents can’t pay debts.

Working under a contract should be done with consent. You should be compensated for your services. It’s supposed to be your willpower and when you’re at the right age.

The Government’s Actions

The Government’s Actions

To help in combating human trafficking in the United States, the government incorporated different means. We have a prosecution unit that specializes in handling cases and investigations. There’s also a campaign against child exploitation, CEOS for instance, and the criminal division is leading this.

They also have special initiatives and task forces, such as NAP, ACTeam, etc. If there’s coordination among those who are involved, then the federal government can greatly help. That’s why victims shouldn’t be afraid to report what they know or have been through.

How we can fight?

Since the government is implementing procedures and solutions, then we should also do our part. Let’s say that we’re acquainted with a victim from the neighborhood. Let’s encourage him to report such misconduct to the authorities.

We should also participate in the local organization’s programs which aim at educating residents about forms of modern slavery – read this to learn more. Let’s help potential victims find the truth about what’s happening in society. Awareness is essential, especially to young adults because they’re probable targets.

Community leaders are promoting various activities and events for future generations. Thus, our children must be encouraged to join and support the said programs. If we’re parents, let’s pay attention to their needs so they won’t be swayed and lured towards the traffickers.

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