A Few Reasons Why You Need to Avoid Being an Emotional Bettor


Sports betting are quite an indulging hobby. It has avenues for monetary benefits along with fully pleasurable entertaining hobby. The only negative factor is that betting is definitely a gamble and you might risk few pennies once in a while. However, the likelihood of winning and the thrill of predicting a game make betting all worthwhile to indulge in.

Bettors usually think twice before placing the wager, unfortunately sometimes they just bet getting emotional.  Emotional betting is a bad idea and it only minimises your chances of making more money as your emotions might clog your unbiased judgement.

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The issues emotions create in the way of safe betting

It is not unusual for anyone to get involved while you place bets. In fact, only if you involve yourself to some extent on the team or player will you be able to understand and predict the game. However, as they say too much of anything isn’t good, thus deciding to place bet as you are emotionally involved with the team or player won’t be right.

As a bettor, now you reflect upon all your previous betting experiences, all the scenarios of your wins and losses and analyse yourself on your corresponding responses on these scenarios. After doing this, you need to answer the following questions.

  • How did a win or a loss make you feel?
  • Did you overreact to your winning and were you overjoyed?
  • Did your loss make you humiliated or infuriated?
  • Did you feel instant judgements based on your victory or more importantly because you lost?
  • If you had lost your bet and in turn lost money because of that, did you feel compelled to do more betting in the hope of winning the lost money?
  • Did your strategy work? Or you ended up losing more because of that?

From the answers to all the above questions, you would have clearly got an idea on how emotional or non emotional you were during your previous sports bets. If you realise that you were an emotional bettor you should also analyse how much of it were you.


Non-favourable effects of emotional betting


It is a strict head nodding no for the idea of getting too much addicted to the hobby of betting or getting to involved in a particular sports person or a team. Besides, a win or a loss should not affect your emotional state. The risk of getting overly assertive about winning a bet or winning your lost money often leads to problem.

When you bet on a sports event or your favourite team or player and win a few times your stake, the excitement is priceless. Then, for those who haven’t tried it yet should try it as well and you will not regret.

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