5 Tips for Managing Company Reviews Online


Reviews online play an essential role in the reputation of your company. Online company reviews have several benefits for your business. Reviews are one of the most common ways that consumers will decide to make a purchase decision. If your company has positive reviews, it instills confidence in consumers that they are going to receive what they purchased and, ultimately, will attract more customers. Find the best reputation management companies from digitalexits.com.

Managing your company’s online reviews is essential to your brand’s reputation. Here are five tips for managing company reviews online:

  1. Proactively Request Feedback

Manage your online reviews by being proactive in requesting feedback from your customers. Customers can e-mail, fill out surveys, or leave reviews on Google reviews, Yelp, or Facebook. So, if you have customers that remark about having a positive experience, then ask them to leave their positive reviews online.

If you are receiving negative feedback, this gives you, as a business owner, the opportunity to make situations into positive ones for customers who might not have had the best experience.  Another way to request feedback and manage review is by pulling together a list of current social media followers, such as Twitter, and sending a tweet to 10 to 20 followers sharing a bit.ly link asking for feedback about your company. The link will post to Google My Business, Yelp, or Facebook.  Ask your happy customers to leave reviews about your company.

  1. Respond to Every Review

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, and make sure you respond to these reviews. By reaching out to the negative reviews, along with the positive, it shows that you care, want to engage, and fix any issues that come up. Responding to negative reviews will also help with minimizing the damage that the negative review may have initially caused. It can help build trust in your company for future customers.

  1. Keep it Professional

Keep it professional when you are responding to reviews, never get into an argument with someone who has left a negative review. You don’t want to come off hostile when replying back to negative reviews, especially since new customers reading reviews will see your response, and it could turn them away from using your company. You need to keep a level head when responding to reviews and offer solutions to the problems. Show empathy and understanding to help diffuse the situations and allow you the opportunity to convert them back into a customer.

  1. Track your Reviews

Track your reviews by setting up daily reminders to check for new reviews on the platforms you are using, such as Google reviews, Yelp, and social media. Reviews are the first thing that comes when someone is searching for your company and you want to be able to address them, whether negative or positive, quickly.

  1. Combine Review Monitoring with Influencer marketing

Aligning your company with influencers can help build positive reviews. Influencers can be very influential in helping to push customers to leave reviews for your business. Influencer marketing has always been popular. Therefore a big brand will use celebrities for their print and TV ads. If your consumers connect to the influencer, they will have a better view of your company. Social media influencers have more targeted following, which can be valuable to your company. Look for local influences and give them your product or service to try for free in exchange for free promotion.  The influencer with feature your product or service on their social media, and their followers see it, can instantly leave reviews about your company.



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