5 Helpful Tips to Master The Art of Writing Chinese Characters


Chinese characters are complicated if you don’t have any idea how to write them. For beginners, Chinese words may look like chaotic lines, dots, and strokes! So, when trying to write them, you might feel like drawing an image you can’t understand.

If you want to master the art of writing Chinese characters, follow these writing tips while using a Chinese compositing book.

1. Be Familiar with Stroker Order

Indeed, Chinese characters look perplexing at first glance. Should I start writing the dot? Should I write from left to right? Well, knowing the basic stroke order will help you get through writing the characters. As you get familiar, write the words in a Chinese composition book so you’ll remember the strokes.

2. Repeat Writing

It’s helpful to write a word repeatedly until you master it to memorise the strokes. That’s why it’s advantageous to start learning Chinese at a young age because they have more time to practice. A great decision is to enrol them in a Chinese class for kids in Singapore where a teacher can guide them.

3. Use Visual Aid

Another way to get familiar with the Chinese characters is to use a visual aid. This way, you can see it every day and unconsciously memorise the strokes. You can also join a Mandarin holiday camp with learning resources to help you master writing Chinese words.

4. Games and Fun Exercises

Learning how to write Chinese can also be fun! It doesn’t have to be serious all the time because you and your child can learn through games. You can enrol your child in Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers that have exciting activities to learn writing.

5. Join a Calligraphy Class

Writing Chinese characters is an art form! Hence, you can join a calligraphy class that can introduce you to tradition, culture, and history. You can also look for a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore with a calligraphy session to be more familiar with Chinese words.

Apart from writing, you can also learn how to speak Chinese through Chinese speech and drama at Edugrove in Singapore. So, visit their website to start learning today!

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