5 Benefits of Buying a Bike During a Pandemic


Two-wheelers have always been a popular choice among Indians for commuting and have seen a steady rise in their sales over the years. The peace of mind that comes with having a light and easy-to-manoeuvre vehicle is non-negotiable for most who don’t want to go through the troubles of having a car. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic catalysing a work-from-home culture, an important question comes to everyone’s mind. Is it still a good idea to take a bike loan for buying a two-wheeler in the middle of a pandemic?

While you’re working from home, having a bike doesn’t seem beneficial. However, current times have led to other benefits of owning a two-wheeler. One of them is easier social distancing for following COVID-19 appropriate protocol.  

Here we examine if taking a two-wheeler loan for the benefit of effective social distancing is worth the investment.

Benefits of Buying a Bike
Even if your daily travel has been reduced to grocery shopping and occasional meetings, here are some benefits of buying a bike during the pandemic. 

  • Maintaining Social Distancing
    Protocols for COVID-19 require social distancing to be maintained at all times to prevent the spread of the virus. However, when travelling by foot or public transport, this becomes difficult. A bike is perfect for a single person to reach their destination without coming in contact with anyone during the commute. 
  • Have an Emergency Transport
    An emergency can come up during these uncertain times, and public transport or cabs can’t always be relied upon. Having a bike can help tremendously during such emergencies. Health-related emergencies where a person has to be taken to a hospital are especially critical, and having your own transport is a big boon at such times.
  • Backup for Public Transport Closure
    Public transportation in major metropolitan cities in India has faced closure multiple times during the pandemic since the vehicles became a hotbed for the spread of the virus. At such times, those reliant on public transport found it difficult to move around. If your work requires you to travel to your workplace, then you could face difficulties at your job.
  • Save money in the long term
    Two-wheelers cost much less than four-wheelers and hence require a smaller loan amount. This is a big factor for those who are planning to opt for a bike loan. Buying a fuel-efficient two-wheeler also ensures that you save money in the long term as the cost of refuelling is much lower than travelling the same distance by cab. Combined with the convenience of being able to travel at any point of the day without having to walk to a public transport facility, this makes a bike an ideal vehicle for this period. Attractive two-wheeler loan interest rates also contribute to the money-saving aspect of a two wheeler.
  • Low maintenance costs
    The maintenance cost for a two-wheeler is also much lower than a four-wheeler. Maintenance also needs to be carried out after longer intervals for a bike if it is used moderately. This results in less money going into the annual maintenance.

You can also carry out basic bike maintenance yourself if you have the inclination. Having to get out of the house fewer times in the middle of a pandemic translates to better safety. 

Go the Distance
Given the above factors, it is clear that taking a bike loan for buying a two-wheeler is well worth the cost, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The social distancing and emergency backup benefits, in fact, make it almost essential for every household.

Adding to this convenience is the fact that you can easily check your two-wheeler loan eligibility online and use a reliable two-wheeler loan EMI calculator to plan your expenses accordingly.

There is an additional emphasis placed by everyone on health and safety in recent times due to the pandemic and buying a bike might be an important way to ensure that you and your family are safe.

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