4 Looks for Your Little Girl Using a Girls Knitted Cardigan


Many parents want their children to look good, especially during get-togethers or events with friends and family. However, children only care a little about what they wear and often prioritise comfort over looks. Luckily, one staple item grants girls of any age a combination of comfort and fashion: the cardigan. Here are four outfits you can put together for your little girl with a girls knitted cardigan.

1. Pair It With Her School Uniform

Nowadays, many schools have air conditioners in the classrooms for the comfort of both the teacher and the students. While it provides everyone with some reprieve from the outdoor heat, especially in our tropical climate, some students can’t handle the cooler temperatures and might find the air conditioner too cold. If your daughter is the same, you can give her a girls knitted cardigan to pair with her school uniform. She’ll be able to find the perfect balance between the two temperatures with a well-made cardigan.

2. Wear it over a Semi-Formal Dress

Children are often uncomfortable during semi-formal parties, events, and get-togethers. Since these events usually occur at night, they may find themselves getting cold, which may sour their mood as they’re not able to leave the party without their parents. Cardigans often suit semi-formal dresses, so try giving your daughter a toddler girl cardigan that matches her dress to warm her up.

3. Wear it Under Another Jacket

While Singaporeans don’t experience cold weather because of the nation’s status as a tropical country, it’s common for people to go on vacation trips to colder countries to experience cold weather. If your family plans on doing the same, bring cardigans from a girls clothes online shop in Singapore for your daughter. While they’re not thick enough for freezing temperatures, you can layer a thicker jacket to give your child extra warmth.

4. Tie It Around Her Shoulders or Waist

Have you ever worn a jacket outside, only for the temperature to shift, and now you have to take it off? Children often experience this too. If you give your daughter a girls knitted cardigan, only to find herself wanting to take it off, you can opt to tie it around her shoulders or waist instead. Not only is this fashionable, but it helps prevent the cardigan from getting lost anywhere.

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