3 Cost-Cutting Flooring Installation Ideas


Have you ever thought about how much your flooring installation could increase the value of your home? If not, maybe it’s time to consider it. We wanted to share a few cost-cutting flooring installation ideas that can help you up your curb appeal for less.

We’ve all seen those HGTV episodes where the host goes on a home improvement spree and spends thousands of dollars to give their house an updated look. However, the problem is that not everyone has the time, money, or desire to pour all that money into a full-scale remodel. If you’re thinking about giving your home a minor update but don’t want to break the bank to do it, here are a few cost-cutting flooring installation ideas for some quick and simple upgrades that could make a significant impact!

  1. Replace Ugly Faux Wood Floors

There’s no doubt that faux wood has its place in the home. It can be beautiful, but it also has to look realistic and be rustic to be a nice alternative to natural wood. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes people make when getting rid of their floors’ fake look is replacing them with hardwood. While this will undoubtedly make your home look nicer, it will cost you a pretty penny. Instead, why not take your wood look way down-scale and opt for vinyl tiles that have a wood pattern on them? Not only will these be much more affordable than natural wood, but they also won’t require you to tear up your existing flooring.

  1. Use A Niche Product To Replace Tile

Tiles are another type of flooring that can be expensive. However, to get rid of them all together isn’t really the answer. What you need is something that has the look and feel of tile but is much more affordable. One great product that we recommend for this is cork. Cork is a very stylish option that actually comes in many different colors, so it’s great for customizing any room in your home.


  1. Paint Your Own Floor With A Commercial-Grade Product

High-quality commercial-grade paint is an investment for your home, but one that is well worth it. In most cases, the paint will last at least eight years before it needs to be touched up, and in some cases, can go on for decades. It also provides the ability to change the look of any room without having to rip out all of the floorings. Using high-quality paint allows you to change the look of your floor completely, and what’s better is that it will give excellent protection for your floors as well.

These Are Three Easy Floor Installation Ideas That Can Save You a Ton of Money

If you’re thinking about trying installation of flooring to update your home, we hope these ideas will inspire you to give it a go. We’ve certainly seen the curb appeal impact the value of homes that are suffering from an old and worn-out look.

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