10 Points that Prove the Importance of Local SEO for Your Business


There is so much that you would want to think about when it comes to local SEO and you would need to know why it is so important for your business. You would do the same types of searches that your customers would do when it comes to looking for a business that can help you locally with your needs. You would need to be aware of the points that would help you to see how important this is to all of your business requirements, so here are some statistics that can help you to see that.

Points to Prove Local SEO is Important

If you are starting to consider how you can bring in more local customers to you business you might want to think about using local SEO. However, you might think that this isn’t as important as other things that you can do, but here are some statistics to help you think otherwise, such as:

  1. Around 46% of the entire searches done on Google are people searching for local business information
  2. 72% of all consumers who undertook a local search later visited one of the stores that was within 5 miles of their location
  3. 97% of customers learn everything they need to about the local companies online rather than through any other methods
  4. 88% of the searches that are done using mobile phones are more likely to contact the businesses who have mobile-friendly websites
  5. Over $1.4 trillion in sales from local businesses will be influenced by mobile devices by 2020
  6. 18% of the searches done on mobile phones led to sales within the same day whereas 7% of the non-local searches led to sales
  7. 78% of all location related searches ended up with an offline purchase
  8. In the last 2 years searches using “close by” or “near me” increased by over 900%
  9. 67% of consumers using smartphones and 72% of those using tablets or computers desire ads that are customized to their zip code or city
  10. Searches for local companies ended up in at least 28% of the customers purchasing new products or services

If these points and statistics don’t prove to you that you need to have local SEO implemented on your site, then you need to think it over again. This is the best way to bring in more sales while getting the views from the target audience that you are directly aiming for.

Go ahead and make sure that you are thinking about whether or not local SEO Services is going to be something you want to implement. However, if you don’t use this method, then you stand to lose around 28% of any sales that you might get from search results. This is going to be an increasing stream of revenue for all businesses since most of the potential customers are getting all of the information that they need or want from the online searches. Ensure that you are putting your business out there so that you can get your share of the sales from the customers that live nearby your store.

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