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Thursday July 30th 2015

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Moss Point’s Tom Johnson back in camp with Minnesota Vikings after legal … – gulflive.com (blog)

gulflive.com (blog)

Moss Point's Tom Johnson back in camp with Minnesota Vikings after legal
gulflive.com (blog)
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) is downed by Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Tom Johnson (92) of Moss Point during the game at the Superdome in New Orleans, Sunday, September 21, 2014. (Photo by David Grunfeld, NOLA.com / The …

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 9:37 pm

Minnesota Vikings S Harrison Smith: ‘This is where I want to be’ – FOXSports.com


Minnesota Vikings S Harrison Smith: 'This is where I want to be'
The Minnesota Vikings locked up rising safety Harrison Smith for at least another year when they picked up his $5.278 million fifth-year option for the 2016 season. There's a good chance he'll be in Minnesota a lot longer than just the next two seasons

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 8:22 pm

Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater bulks up to improve durability – FOXSports.com


Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater bulks up to improve durability
If Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater looks a little different, it's because he bulked up to prepare for the pounding he'll take this year. "Most of it was muscle," Bridgewater said, via ESPN's Ben Goessling. "I'm trying to make sure I'm
Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Two: AM News and NotesDaily Norseman
Vikings using STRIVR virtual-reality camerasESPN
Minnesota Vikings on board with virtual reality trainingThe Viking Age
TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press -OSUInsider.com -The Courier-Journal
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Posted on 29 July 2015 | 8:22 pm

2015 NFL Power Rankings: Minnesota Vikings Gaining Momentum – Daily Norseman

2015 NFL Power Rankings: Minnesota Vikings Gaining Momentum
Daily Norseman
Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. . .who, yes, we've had our differences with in the past. . .has put out his preseason Power Rankings, and he seems to like the Minnesota Vikings more than most. He has the Vikings at #13 in his rankings, pegging them as a

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Posted on 29 July 2015 | 1:30 pm

Vikings continue working Trae Waynes in slot – ESPN (blog)

ESPN (blog)

Vikings continue working Trae Waynes in slot
ESPN (blog)
MANKATO, Minn. — There is perhaps no surer way for a Minnesota Vikings rookie to get intensive instruction from head coach Mike Zimmer than to be a highly-drafted cornerback, the next in a long line of players Zimmer has taught since his time working
Vikings' Newman Shares Secret To LongevityKEYC
Trae Waynes gets some first-team reps as a nickel cornerback1500 ESPN

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Posted on 29 July 2015 | 11:19 am

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Three: AM News and Notes – Daily Norseman


Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Three: AM News and Notes
Daily Norseman
The Tuesday morning walkthrough at day three of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp was dreary and soggy after rains pounded most of southern Minnesota in the early hours of the morning. There wasn't a ton of new information to glean from watching the …
What's been the fan reaction to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson Yahoo Sports
Mark Wilf most optimistic about Vikes in 10 years since family bought teamESPN
Minnesota Vikings owner Mark Wilf hasn't been this excited since buying the teamFOXSports.com
Sports World Report -Headlines & Global News -The Inquisitr
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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Photo Gallery, Offensive Recap, Day 3 News … – Daily Norseman

Daily Norseman

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Photo Gallery, Offensive Recap, Day 3 News
Daily Norseman
Throughout the course of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, plenty of four-letter words are uttered by players, coaches, and fans alike. Most of them are accompanied by feelings of anger, embarrassment, or frustration. But there's one four-letter word in
Follow Vikings Territory at US Bank Stadium and Training CampVikings Territory

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Eric Kendricks could end Vikings’ middle linebacker search – ESPN (blog)

ESPN (blog)

Eric Kendricks could end Vikings' middle linebacker search
ESPN (blog)
MANKATO, Minn. — The Minnesota Vikings' last long-term fixture at the middle linebacker position is still in the team's building. E.J. Henderson, who played nine seasons for the Vikings and returned from a broken leg to make the Pro Bowl in 2010, now

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Posted on 28 July 2015 | 8:55 pm

Minnesota Vikings DT Sharrif Floyd does his business in comfort – FOXSports.com


Minnesota Vikings DT Sharrif Floyd does his business in comfort
Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd isn't one of those people. On Tuesday morning, Floyd shared a particularly candid toilet photo on his Instagram account. true. My morning!!!!! #itsgoingdown #luxury #comfort #begreat. A photo posted by
Notebook: Sharrif Floyd's focus is on shedding the 'little things'1500 ESPN
Vikings DT Sharrif Floyd shows off his comfy porcelain throne247Sports

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Posted on 28 July 2015 | 5:12 pm

2015 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Day Two – Daily Norseman

2015 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Day Two
Daily Norseman
The Vikings are continuing to work on timing and quick decisionmaking for Teddy and it looked like he processed things a little faster today. He's made a lot of throws in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills, and I'm not sure a single one has been interception

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Yahoo Sports – NFL – Minnesota Vikings News

The Latest: Brady and players' union file lawsuit again NFL (The Associated Press)

In a filing Wednesday afternoon, lawyers working with the NFL Players Association asked U.S. District Judge David Doty to vacate the suspension or at least put it on hold until the case can be heard. ”It would be as if you would punish one player on a team because he has been generally aware that another player on a team is taking steroids,” Kessler said.

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 10:29 pm

Adrian Peterson back in pads and moving forward with Vikings (The Associated Press)

Adrian Peterson burst through the line of scrimmage and veered toward the sideline as he headed up the field. Safety Robert Blanton had the Minnesota Vikings running back in his sights and eased off the throttle as he went in to ”thud” Peterson, looking to deliver a cordial bump during the team’s first training camp practice with players in pads. To Blanton’s surprise, Peterson lowered his shoulder and delivered a jolt to the fourth-year defensive back.

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 9:19 pm

NFL 2015: Players who could make breakthroughs in 2015 (The Associated Press)

If you're not sure where Le'Veon Bell and Justin Forsett came from to reach the top of the NFL rushing charts, this will be helpful.

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 6:35 am

New offense, new coach, same goal for Peyton Manning (The Associated Press)

Peyton Manning can earn back every penny of the $4 million pay cut John Elway asked him to take this offseason. Manning’s restructured deal calls for him to earn $2 million bonuses each for winning the AFC championship and the NFL title. Ryan Clady’s season-ending knee injury leaves right guard Louis Vasquez as the anchor of the league’s youngest and least-experienced offensive line, one that features rookie left tackle Ty Sambrailo.

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 12:22 am

Hopes are high for Vikings, and they're happy to have them (The Associated Press)

The strategy and style of Minnesota’s coaching staff under Mike Zimmer is no longer new. Neither is the starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. The sideshow that overshadowed last season has been dismantled, following Adrian Peterson’s reinstatement from NFL suspension and the star running back’s return to the Vikings with the guaranteed contract he sought.

Posted on 29 July 2015 | 12:21 am

How Tom Brady can fight (and overturn) his suspension in court (Shutdown Corner)

Now that Roger Goodell has held firm on upholding a four-game suspension , Tom Brady’s camp has opted to take this battle to court . Brady won’t be pulling a Robert Kraft — he’ll fight the good fight, and his court options are fascinating. The NFL took preemptive measures after announcing the four games stood by seeking an immediate confirmation in New York, not Minnesota where the NFLPA has had great success on appellate decisions involving the league. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football: Sign up and join a league today! ] BREAKING: @NFL asks federal court to confirm Tom Brady suspension. Complaint filed in Manhattan #sportsbiz #NFL #preemptivestrike — Scott Soshnick (@soshnick) July 28, 2015 . @NFL suit likely attempt to steer jurisdiction from Judge David Doty, who has ruled favorably for union in the past #sportsbiz — Scott Soshnick (@soshnick) July 28, 2015 Doty presides in the 8th District Court in Minnesota, where the league is trying to avoid this potential case being heard and where the courts have tended to lean pro-labor in their findings. No matter the court, the legal rule of thumb is that many judges prefer not to upset established, collectively bargained agreements between parties. In other words, the union (of which Brady is a member) made its bed by signing the CBA back in 2011, which allowed for Goodell to be an arbitrator, and now must sleep in it. The union’s parry to this could be that Goodell’s handling of the case lacked due process, was rendered with an arbitrary ruling and was handled in a volatile and capricious manner. Brady’s team can ask for an injunction, allowing Brady to sidestep a suspension until a final verdict is reached, and injuctions typically aren’t that hard to get. Or it can request an expedited process that rules before the New England Patriots season opener  on Sept. 10, which is 44 days from Tuesday’s ruling.  Grandstanding: A Yahoo Sports podcast Subscribe via iTunes or via RSS feed How long might this take? Who knows? In addition to the unpredictable speed (or lack thereof) of the American justice system, there’s also the strategic angle: Brady and his camp might want to strike immediately and fast-track the operation, or they could drag their heels on the process, hoping to stretch things as far as possible — perhaps even into the offseason. Remember the StarCaps case between the NFL and NFLPA? That went on for more than two years. Stall tactics are very much  an arrow — and a sharp one — in a good lawyer’s quiver. There’s little doubt that Goodell took his time to rule (effectively, we might add) to maximum effect, issuing his appeal finding on the eve of the Patriots reporting to training camp, so the Brady legal team could give the NFL a dose of its own medicine, except in federal court. Once Brady’s team gets to court, make no mistake: the battle will be tough. As we said, judges must be convinced that there is fairly overwhelming evidence that some serious malfeasance has taken place in how this punishment was carried out. Here are some potential attacking points for Brady’s camp: Owner influence: If the NFLPA can present evidence that other NFL team owners tried, in any way, to pressure Goodell to uphold the full suspension, it should present it clearly. That would constitute clear partiality by Goodell, and the threat of dragging 31 owners to issue sworn affadavits might make them queasy. Going after Goodell: The union asked for the commissioner to recuse himself from the hearing, and that was denied. Goodell’s way of circumventing this was by arguing it was Troy Vincent who handed down the punishment initially, but the union might try to show how much of a farce that was. As if Goodell had no input? Sure. Equipment rules:  NFL guidelines for handling equipment (including those pesky deflated balls) indicate that team personnel — not players — are ultimately the ones responsible, and thus punishable. Not Brady. In essence, Brady got fined for something he wasn’t able to get fined for, so their argument might go. Established precedent: There is none. The CBA outlines fines, suspensions and punishments for all kinds of misdeeds. There’s nothing in there about ordering balls deflated — if Brady even is guilty of that — and thus Goodell was going off script. Way off script, in fact, akin to what Greg Hardy did. Apples, oranges, all that, but you can see how the argument would be borne here. The Minnesota Vikings were caught tampering with balls with a hair dryer during games and were given a slap on the wrist — a $20,000 fine. Pair that with what Brady and the Patriots received, and you can see where they feel there’s injustice. About that guilt: Nowhere in Ted Wells’ report — the 243-page, $5 million epic — does it say Brady was guilty unequivocally. That’s a problem. The term “generally aware” has been a laughable point as it relates to burden of proof, and rightfully so, and it might be a main talking point in the NFLPA’s case. Brady’s lawyers will come out swinging at what they believe to be a sham of an investigation that proves no guilt for his client. About those balls: Yes, the rulebook states that balls must be between 12.5 and 13.5 psi before games (a rule that has existed since the 1930s), but nowhere in there does it account for pressure loss, explainable by the Ideal Gas Law, which you surely have committed to memory by now. So NFL officials measuring balls at halftime of a cold January night might render wildly different results from, say, a preseason game in August. In the outside world, these types of cases typically are hard to win. With the NFL and the union, though, there’s precedent, with the Adrian Peterson suspension being overturned last season and with the bounty scandal — lawyered by Jeffery Kessler, who happens to be Brady’s lead attorney — which was contested successfully as well. We likely are far from any resolution on this saga. Brady is going to court, and more of this story will become public. Could it get more interesting? Oh yes. – - – - – - – Eric Edholm is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at edholm@yahoo-inc.com or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Eric_Edholm

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Most intriguing NFL team of 2015? Ranking the storylines of all 32 squads (Shutdown Corner)

This is a highly subjective list. Using my sophisticated OPI (Own Personal Intrigue) method, I carefully have ranked the teams in order of interest and intrigue prior to the 2015 NFL season. Please note: These are not power rankings. This is not how I think the 2016 NFL draft order will look. Nothing like that. Intrigue can be both bad and good. My top-ranked team here missed the postseason a year ago; my 32nd-ranked team made it. Hopefully, you get the idea. I’m just speculating which teams will be the most buzzworthy and boast the most fascinating storylines heading into the season. The Washington Redskins, for instance, have mastered the art of bad-team intrigue. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football: Sign up and join a league today! ] And some might argue that for years, the New England Patriots — even as remarkable as their run has been — are the most boring good team out there. Of course, not this year. Not with deflate-gate and Tom Brady’s suspension threatening to rule the first month of the season. So here they are, my indisputable OPI rankings heading into training camp.  The most intriguing team of 2015 is …  1. Philadelphia Eagles — Chip Kelly: secret genius or mad scientist? This could be the year we find out. He enters Year Three having shuttled off nearly the entire roster he inherited — including many of the Eagles’ highest-regarded players. How are we not intrigued? One of his biggest imports, DeMarco Murray, he shockingly poached from the rival Dallas Cowboys. We will find out this season if Chip’s system — which is more about team building than some gimmicky offensive philosophy — is built to last. If Kelly reincarnates Sam Bradford and fixes that defense, it might be time to give it up, haters. But if Bradford struggles (or struggles to stay healthy), and the ball is put in the hands of Mark Sanchez or — gasp — Tim Tebow, it might be worrisome. You have to wonder, after Kelly missed out on landing Marcus Mariota, if finding a perfect-fit quarterback will forever be Kelly’s Camelot. 2. San Francisco 49ers — The attrition that has ravaged this team might have reached historical levels. After a strange, strained battle with ownership, Jim Harbaugh walked at what looks like precisely the right time. In his wake, the foundation of his steely squad either retired, was shipped out or left via free agency. Thrifty owner Jed York opted to go cheap — under the auspice of trust, dependability and locker-room harmony — in hiring the less-than-lucid Jim Tomsula (one game of head-coaching experience). There are scores of veterans trying to revive their careers — Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, NaVorro Bowman, Vernon Davis, and more. There’s talent, but is there turmoil? The first half of the schedule, by the way, is brutal. 3. Buffalo Bills — Are you excited yet? Maybe you’re not the biggest Rex Ryan fan (you communist!), and maybe you’re laughing at their quarterback options. Fair enough. But maybe Tyrod Taylor — who beat out Russell Wilson for ACC Player of the Year in 2010 — is a secret killer, or at least not a total disaster. And everywhere else there is exciting talent, playing in a city dying to win for a coach who will do anything and everything he can to (a) stick it to the Jets, (b) beat Tom Brady and (c) deliver a winner to some long-suffering fans. The defense could be the league’s best, and there are playmakers littered throughout the offense. There’s something happening here — and some excitable personalities coming to town with Ryan, LeSean McCoy, Richie Incognito and Percy Harvin — and what it is ain’t exactly clear. 4. New England Patriots — It has been a wild six months since they beat the Indianapolis Colts, setting the Bad Ship Deflate-gate into motion, stealing a Super Bowl win in mind-blowing fashion and watching Brady get dragged through the mud in the league’s phony and laughable attempt to uphold the integrity of the game . And while everyone knows that what doesn’t kill the Patriots tends to make them stronger, navigating their way back to another Super Bowl appears far tougher, with a stronger division, Brady turning 38 and the Patriots’ huge losses in the secondary. If they do win it all this year, it will be their fifth title. The significance of this: The Patriots would own 10 percent of all the Super Bowl championships. The title also would be Bill Belichick’s seventh, which would tie him all time with former Broncos and 49ers scout/administrator Neal Dahlen for the most in league history. 5. Dallas Cowboys  — The Dez Bryant signing removes a smidge of the drama, but it’s still a team we’ll be thinking about almost daily. Last season shocked me — I pegged their defense to be historically bad. And that’s why this season is so intriguing. For the first time, legitimately, the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender for the first time in forever, and yet they’re missing a huge piece with Murray gone (to the hated Eagles, no less). The guys vying to replace him are a possibly washed-up back in Darren McFadden and a player guilty of shoplifting underwear and cologne last year in Joseph Randle. Randy Gregory and La’el Collins also will be fun to chart as high-profile rookies looking to make a lot of teams wish they hadn’t passed them over in the draft. 6. Seattle Seahawks — Russell Wilson’s contract looms as one of the more fascinating negotiations in recent NFL history, textured by the fact that he’s coming off the haunting Super Bowl interception. His gift: a Marshawn Lynch contract extension and trades for receiving help in Jimmy Graham and Tyler Lockett. But Michael Bennett could hold out? And Earl Thomas will miss all of camp? Intrigue! In a certain way, these are the same Seahawks we’ve come to know, so there’s a ceiling to it, and there’s no reason to think they can’t get back to a third straight Super Bowl. But we’ll always be paying attention to what this outlaw bunch is doing and saying.

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Training Camp Daily Dose (Rotoworld)

Join Jeff Brubach as he looks at fantasy-relevant news from NFL training camps.

Posted on 28 July 2015 | 2:23 pm

Fantasy Preview: Schedule (Rotoworld)

Evan Silva breaks down every NFL team from a fantasy perspective heading into the 2015 season. Check out the weekly schedule.

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Mike Wallace aims for more than deep throws with Vikings (The Associated Press)

The Minnesota Vikings acquired Mike Wallace for his speed and his experience at the wide receiver position. ”I’ve got to take some things from Miami that I don’t think I did as well and just try to bring it here and be a better person and a better player. Just lead more,” Wallace said.

Posted on 28 July 2015 | 12:41 am