Monday July 24th 2017

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CNN: Polish President to veto controversial bill http://Pf8kbVaUvb

BBC: US-Russia probe: Trump son-in-law Kushner denies collusion http://zR3DAeIzy2

Reuters: Turkish journalists go on trial accused of waging 'asymmetric war' http://5WZLAR62BL

Telegraph: British groom-to-be shot two days before his wedding in the Philippines http://2r6F0SMIFI

AP: Girl's HIV infection seems under control without AIDS drugs http://8ye6NkR8Pg

AP: Israel Embassy shooting in Jordan complicates shrine crisis http://cbUUNTHMop

BBC: Poland's President Duda vetoes judicial reforms after protests http://O2GA3yQB1L

MailOnline: German teenager who fled to join ISIS begs to return home http://weAHgiklwA

CNN: Will Tillerson abandon Trump? http://f4AkzVxXBQ

BBC: Bernard Tomic amazed at career, despite lack of effort at times http://LmHYHXgxQx