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MailOnline: Connecticut grad in tampon smear case asks for jury trial http://gVrZqMxpFv

CNN: Trump allies fear a 'meltdown' on Russia investigation http://MgwtdtEhit

Reuters: U.S. vetoes U.N. call for withdrawal of Trump Jerusalem decision http://fgJqW4ebVR

Telegraph: Emma Rice: it was a mistake for Shakespeare's Globe to hire me http://ZKmtE5LnZA

AP: Atlanta airport fire strands thousands, slams travel system http://jvhWLtPYMA

AP: The Latest: Derailed train making 1st run of faster service http://j8EQNjhx8H

AP: Honduras president declared election winner; unrest persists http://5dgjgyHKJo

MailOnline: Trump outlines 'America First' national security strategy http://cYG0dInDQZ

CNN: Derailment witness: Cars falling off overpass http://qDCDKHyBz7

Telegraph: France declares Marquis de Sade's sex-filled 120 Days of Sodom 'national… http://6KaWo5KmbZ