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Friday October 24th 2014

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Odd News Headlines – Yahoo News

Man fighting charges for painting Main Street

BURGETTSTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A western Pennsylvania man will hire an attorney and fight a criminal mischief charge for painting the speed limit on a stretch of Main Street.

Posted on 24 October 2014 | 2:00 pm

Dallas man’s Halloween decor inspired by Ebola

Homeowner James Faulk stands in front of an Ebola themed Halloween display he made at his town home in the University Park section of Dallas, Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014. According to Faulk, he is just trying to get people to smile and enjoy Halloween. (AP Photo/LM Otero)UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas (AP) — Taking inspiration from the fear of Ebola, a Dallas-area man has stacked up barrels marked "biohazard," surrounded his yard with yellow caution tape and crossed his door and windows with white tape marked "quarantine."

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 11:26 pm

Strong Winds Create Reverse Waterfall

This natural phenomenon occurs when high winds hit the area and updrafts force the water to blow back upstream — resulting in a sort of reverse waterfall.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 8:54 pm

Romanian princess, husband sentenced for Oregon cockfighting ring

By Courtney Sherwood PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) – A princess fifth in line for the Romanian throne and her husband who admitted running a cockfighting ring in rural Oregon have both sentenced to probation and ordered to forfeit $200,000 from the sale of the property, federal prosecutors said on Thursday. Irina Walker and her husband John Walker pleaded guilty in July to one count of running an illegal gambling operation with at a barn-like structure on their ranch in Irrigon, near the Washington state border, where they held cockfighting “derbies. …

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 8:52 pm

Dancing priests become Internet sensation

Italy Tap Dancing PriestsROME (AP) — A video of a pair of dueling, dancing American priests studying in Rome has gone viral, following in the footsteps of a now-famous Italian nun whose Alicia Keys-esque voice won her a singing contest and a record contract.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 3:23 pm

‘Pilfered’ pumpkins end up pleasing pigs’ palates

SOMERSWORTH, N.H. (AP) — A pilfered pumpkin caper in New Hampshire was just a misunderstanding that put some pounds on a passel of pigs.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 2:30 pm

Wildlife rehab for bear found in Oregon drugstore

This Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 still image from Video provided by Robin A. Bishop shows a bear cub walking through a Rite Aid store in Ashland, Ore. Witnesses say the cub first showed up Sunday at a nearby hotel, hopped out a window and crossed the street to the Rite Aid in Ashland, a city just north of the California border. (AP Photo/Robin A. Bishop)ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) — A black bear cub found wandering the aisles of an Oregon drugstore will be raised with the goal of releasing him into the wild next year.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 1:05 pm

Heads or tails? Coin toss decides Peru election

LIMA, Peru (AP) — A coin toss has decided the mayoral race in small town high in the Peruvian Andes after two candidates tied at the ballot box.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 1:04 pm

Woman who gouged her eyes in California sues over viral photo

By Alex Dobuzinskis LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A nurse at a Los Angeles hospital took a photo of a woman who gouged out her own eyes with pencils, and the patient sued the hospital and its administrators after the picture went viral on the Internet, her attorney said on Wednesday. The plaintiff, who is not named in the lawsuit, was treated at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center in 2012 after she tried to commit suicide by jamming the pencils through her eyes at another facility and was rushed to the hospital, her lawyer, Douglas Johnson, said. …

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 12:56 am

Nebraska trucker returns bull mastiff to Arizona

In this Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 photo provided by Sam Franklin, Koda, a 95-pound bull mastiff, meets truck driver Jimmy Dimmitt in Ashland, Neb. The dog-loving Nebraska trucker took Koda on a long haul back to its family in Arizona. (AP Photo/Sam Franklin)LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A dog-loving Nebraska trucker has taken a lost 95-pound bull mastiff on a 1,380-mile trip back to her owners in Arizona.

Posted on 22 October 2014 | 11:27 pm

Weird News – Funny and strange news – How About That

Pictures of the day: 24 October 2014

A frog and a grasshopper, a pampered pooch and a partial solar eclipse

Posted on 24 October 2014 | 10:52 am

Five of the most expensive divorces in legal history

Dmitry Rybolovlev’s split cost him £2.6bn. We look at four other famous divorces that have cost a small fortune – and why

Posted on 24 October 2014 | 10:13 am

Priests’ surprise dance-off is a YouTube sensation

American seminarians’ dance floor duel earns them a standing ovation and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 9:51 pm

Toddler gets trapped in cuddly toy arcade heaven

Colin Lambert had to rescued after crawling inside a toy-grabber arcade machine

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 2:23 pm

Bad day at work? Let these cuddling baby pandas cheer you up

Baby pandas hug each other in their sleep at a nursery in Sichuan province, China

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 2:05 pm

Watch: Stunning timelapse of Orionid meteor shower over Colorado

Beautiful footage shows the bright lights of the Orionid meteor shower in Colorado

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 12:28 pm

Homer Simpson ‘to blame for obesity’ (and all your other problems) #BlameHomer

Homer Simpson’s love for beer and doughnuts ‘gives the wrong impression about obesity’ it is claimed, but Twitter users do not appear entirely convinced

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 11:55 am

MPs will not get an official cat to tackle Westminster’s mice problem

Parliament told a ‘herd of cats’ would be needed to counter rodent infestation, creating ‘very clear practical and technical difficulties’

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 10:56 am

Watch: Baby bear wanders into US drug store

Black bear cub spotted stalking the aisles of a pharmacy in Oregon

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 9:56 am

Pictures of the day: 23 October 2014

Playful lion cubs, a bucking bronco and an ugly big bird

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 9:02 am

Reuters Video: Oddly Enough

Deep sea ‘mushroom’ could be early branch on tree of life

Miniature deep sea animals discovered off the Australian coast almost three decades ago are puzzling scientists, who say the organisms have proved impossible to categorise. Academics at the Natural History of Denmark have appealed to the world scientific community for help, saying that further information on Dendrogramma enigmatica and Dendrogramma discoides could answer key evolutionary questions. Jim Drury has more.

Posted on 24 October 2014 | 10:29 am

Skateboards get rock star makeovers

A craftsman turns worn-out skateboards into glossy electric guitars. Roselle Chen reports.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 6:49 pm

Giant rubber duck on show in Shanghai

More than a thousand people flock to see a giant yellow duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in Shanghai. Roselle Chen reports.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 5:51 pm

Black bear cub goes Sunday shopping

Price check on honey? Bear cub startles Oregon drugstore shoppers. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 3:31 pm

3D printed instruments make sweet music in Sweden

Students from Lund University’s Malmo Academy of Music are believed to be the world’s first band to all use 3D printed instruments. The guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums were built by Olaf Diegel, professor of product development, who says 3D printing allows musicians to design an instrument to their exact specifications. Matthew Stock reports.

Posted on 23 October 2014 | 11:55 am

Christie’s opens new Shanghai office

Christie’s inaugurates its new Shanghai auction house with a preview of sales of over 60 pieces of Asian and Western 20th Century and Contemporary Art. Elly Park reports.

Posted on 22 October 2014 | 8:58 pm

San Diego Zoo’s white rhinos provide hope for the critically endangered species

The pair of rare white northern rhinos bring hope for their species as only six remain in the world. Elly Park reports.

Posted on 22 October 2014 | 7:10 pm

Robots to fly planes where humans can’t

Researchers in South Korea are developing a robotic pilot that could potentially replace humans in the cockpit. Unlike drones and autopilot programs which are configured for specific aircraft, the robots’ humanoid design will allow it to fly any type of plane with no additional sensors. Ben Gruber reports.

Posted on 21 October 2014 | 4:12 pm

Ebola Halloween getup stirs controversy

A costume company in California is stirring controversy with its new “Ebola Containment Suit” Halloween costume, which it insists is within the spirit of the holiday. Tara Cleary reports.

Posted on 21 October 2014 | 3:54 pm

Cuddly Ebola toy almost wiped out

All three versions of an Ebola virus toy are sold out on a website that markets plush dolls of microscopic organisms. Tara Cleary reports.

Posted on 20 October 2014 | 5:28 pm