Monday September 25th 2017

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#Earthquake M 4.6 - 103km SSW of Cikamurang, Indonesia http://anUJ1POv6G

AP: Travel limits to affect few NKoreans; most in US are envoys http://dP03TpA9El

AP: Studying 1 million people to end cookie-cutter health care http://FFD7fjH0m6

MailOnline: TfL gave Uber the green light TEN TIMES before ban http://nuMuqpnqk4

#Earthquake M 5.0 - 44km E of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands http://9tQgI8tm7Y

Reuters: Iraqi Kurds vote in historic independence referendum, shrugging off threats http://LBYu1mvnIg

Telegraph: Pictures of the Day: 25 September 2017 http://HU7fdpGUfP

AP: Trump replaces 90-day ban with new travel restrictions http://avC6y30N7A

AP: Travel rules mostly symbolic; most NKoreans in US are envoys http://EkckDU9vf5

MailOnline: Singers Meghan Linsey and Rico Lavelle both take a knee http://jc1c1L817A